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Sneak Peek Sunday–#1

For my first entry into Sneak Peek Sunday, this is from my short side story in the Antique Magic series, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows. It’s a small snippet of the first time Caitlin goes to the Otherworld–or rather, sets out on her way to the Otherworld.

Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal, supernatural, horror, Antique Magic series, Fort Pickens, Gulf Breeze, FloridaTrevor took another deep breath and spoke a line in what Caitlin gathered was Gaelic.

She opened an eye. “What did you say?”
“You don’t want to know,” he said.

She dug a finger into his ribs and he chuckled. “Yes I do,” she said. “What was it? Open sesame?”
“I said, ‘By Land, Sea, and Sky, open now the gates of the slain that scare all. By Sky, Sea, and Land, open now at your Servant’s call.’”

Gates of the slain. He was correct. She hadn’t wanted to hear that. She shrugged, beating away her fear. “Not so bad.” He kissed her forehead and reiterated his speech. Caitlin leaned against him, and the scent of wood and saw oils faded away. A warm aroma of tea, of the sea and sand washed over her. Of dirt and horses. She opened her eyes and found they stood before a tall, wooden and iron-braced gate. Beyond, horses and riders raced in easy canters. One drew alongside the gate, watching them warily. Trevor dipped his head and spoke to the man. Caitlin nudged him. “English, please?”


Caitlin’s Book of Shadows is available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble and Smashwords:

Something terrifying stalks Caitlin and her beloved Trevor. Something the bits and pieces she left claimed she had to make sense of–or so legend says. When the curator of their collection finds Caitlin’s long forgotten diary, she wonders will it tell the whole tale? Will it tell why Caitlin seemed so determined to tell the difference between reality and nightmare even as she continued the fight to defend her family from evil? Will it explain why she thought her world twisted? If she really became a witch?

Perhaps the answer lies between the lines of her story, one of lessons, struggles, and the hopes she carried like a warrior’s shield.

 **This is a side (or supplemental, if you will) story in the Antique Magic series, a companion to The Artist’s Inheritance (Antique Magic, Book One).

The Artist’s Inheritance, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

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