Caitlin’s Book of Shadows

FREE READ: Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (Antique Magic #2, short story)
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Though their fame became legend, a rumor cropped up about the Fulmer family: Something terrifying stalked Caitlin and her beloved Trevor. Something the bits and pieces she left claimed she had to make sense of. When the curator of their collection finds Caitlin’s long forgotten diary, she wonders will it tell the whole tale? Will it tell why Caitlin seemed so determined to tell the difference between reality and nightmare? Why she thought herself a witch?

What will the holidays hold for Caitlin? Perhaps the answer lies between the lines of her story, one of lessons, struggles, and hopes for each new year.

This is a short story in my paranormal series that fits between the novels The Artist’s Inheritance, and Drawing Down the Shades and tells how Caitlin grew from where she was at the end of the first book, to how strong she becomes in Drawing Down the Shades.

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Caitlin's Book of Shadows


“Dark, taut and closer to horror than fantasy, if this is representative of the series…I highly recommend it! ” ~Dii @ Tome Tender


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