Make the Most of Your Writing Time by Juli Revezzo

Need a little push writing that novel. Do you want to start something but don’t know how to get the words flowing? I have you covered.

In my new guide, I’m showing how a published author (26 books and counting under the name in which I publish my fiction!) Sets up for what she loves to do best: Writing a novel.

This, what I’m provided here in my new book, is exactly what I do every time I get ready to write a new novel. Curious? Then do check out my new guide:

Make the Most of Your Writing Time: Writing Fast Without Going Crazy

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Start Writing Today! Are you looking for a way to get started writing your novel? Not sure where to begin? I’ve got you covered.

In my new guide I’ll give you some advice and show what I do to quickly build up the story idea that I plan to turn into a novel—a peek over an experienced author’s shoulder, so to speak.

This guide will give you the tips and tricks to help you write that draft, and not waste months (or years) in the process. Click the buy button and get started on this most enjoyable journey today, doing what you love best–storytelling!

Perfect for Nanowrimo, and beyond!

Purchase your copy today at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Itunes, and elsewhere.

A companion workbook also available! (*You can read the ebook, but the workbook may be easier for tracing out the forms include).