Join my early reviewer group!

By being a member of my early reader team, you’ll get early e-copies of my new books and novellas in epub or kindle format. In exchange, all I ask is that you be kind enough to leave a  review on Amazon within the first few weeks of release.

How cool is that?

Leftover tidbits of information:

1: Of course, I will email you with the link to where you can place the reviews as soon as I have it. So, figure about two-three emails per release. (Book Announcement, book copy you’ve requested, and Amazon link…Just so you know!)

2: These are early copies, so please be kind to any straggler mistakes. I try to make things as pristine as possible before I hit publish, but I am only human. Mistakes can sometimes slip by no matter how many eyes you have on a book.

(By the way, yes, I write whatever the Muse demands–read: multiple genres; no, you won’t have to read everything. Unless you want to, of course. I put out from anywhere from 2-6 books a year, on a good year, so  simply replying to the book announcement email for the book you’re interested in will get you a copy!)

3: Now, per Amazon’s guidelines, you must leave a line in your review that says something like “I’ve received a copy of this book for review purposes” or something like that, but that shouldn’t be too hard (transparency note: I’ve done reviews for years before I was first published and always included such a note where applicable. So it really isn’t that big a deal to the reviewer, but Amazon insists on it.) So please do append that note to any review you might leave from this here team. :))

Cool? Cool. If you’d like to join my early reviewer team, please fill out the form here.

And thanks so much for joining my crew! 

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