More Praise for The Artist’s Inheritance:

“Hadn’t read anything by Revezzo, but will now read everything. What a gift!” ~Lucy, on Goodreads

More Praise for Caitlin’s Book of Shadows:

“Juli D. Revezzo kept upping the suspense and you just wanted to keep turning the page.” ~Brook, on Goodreads

Praise for Druid Defiance (Stewards War, book 3):

“Ms. Revezzo has added another great tale to this series and shored up each character with more depth. In the battle of good versus evil, who will win, the forces of darkness or the Steward who could go Bridezilla on them all?” ~Dii, TomeTender.

Praise for Druid Warrior Prince (Celtic Stewards Chronicles, book 1):

Druid Warrior Prince is a fast-paced medieval romance with neat magic and interesting characters. It’s the third book in the Celtic Stewards Chronicles, but it can be read at any time in the series and doesn’t have any cliffhangers. It’s a pagan story about Tuatha dé Danann warriors, Druid heroes, and evil Harbingers. The climax in the story happens on Samhain, where our modern-day Halloween comes from.

It’s a coming-of-age story with a strong female protagonist named Gwenevieve. She has misplaced ideals when it comes to choosing a husband. I don’t like to give any clues away, but I was disappointed that her newly realized ability and recently acquired weapons weren’t used in the main battle.

This book was lots of fun to read. Please be aware that there is some sexual content without being overly explicit. For this reason, I would suggest that it’s more appropriate for new adults.

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Praise for Mourning Dove Locket
‘What a delightful read. New ghosts emerge as Cait helps a teenager give a family heirloom locket back to its owner. Of course, it’s not that easy and soon all the witchy friends are trying to uncover the mystery. Speakeasies, cemeteries, teleporting, a locket with a secret and cameo appearances by ghost Civil War soldier Roland and Celtic goddess Arianrhod. The new character, the teenage Maria, seems to be an emerging witch, not at all what her mother wanted to hear. But is Maria really becoming a witch ? Or is she something much, much more ?’-Babs, at Amazon.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Babs!

‘Mourning Dove Locket’ was another exciting book from the ‘Antique Magic Series’. The storyline was full of mystery and an exciting display of magic. The way it played out was, basically, magical. I loved the way Caitlin has expanded her magic and talents as a witch and mentor. The characters were great. Trevor and Caitlin make the best couple. Their mutual love and devotion to each other is powerful. Maria was a fun character. She definitely has more of an open mind than I would have. A great add to your tbr list. Recommended read. ~ Denise, Lovers of Paranormal/Amazon.

Thank you, Denise!

Praise for Druid Warrior’s Heart

“If you’re a fan of Celtic mythology, of pagan-friendly fiction, of paranormal romances (though one can’t call this contemporary, specifically) you need to check this series out. ” Jolene Dawe, on Amazon.

“The author has a deep knowledge of Celtic antiquity and has imbued her story with authentic details about gods, practices and beliefs, which was one of the things I most enjoyed about this book along with the hero, a warrior of an ancient Irish race. Not only is Isaac one of the most attractive heroes I’ve encountered in a while but he harbors magic, a potent combination.” ~Laura Hartland

Praise for Changeling’s Crown:

“Awesome, fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of Ianthe and Briak’s story….This is one of the best books I’ve read this year and I highly recommend it to others who love this genre as I do.” ~Wanda, Lovers of Paranormal Group, Goodreads/via Amazon. Read more here.

JR McDonald, From Lovers of Paranormal Group, via Amazon:

And Briak… Instead of a knight in shining armor, the author has given us a legitimately bad guy…. LOVED him.

Revezzo’s writing flows beautifully. The world she’s built is engaging and imaginative. I would recommend for those who enjoy romantic tales with a touch of faery dust.
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Praise for Drawing Down the Shades:

A book that sucks you in….Well written and well thought out. A definite add to your tbr list. Recommended. Denise Gardner, Lovers of paranormal. Read full review here.

As with The Artist’s Inheritance and Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (a novella), I just inhaled Drawing Down the Shades because I didn’t want to put it down….One of the things I especially like about this series is the humor that is mixed in with the eeriness. And Beryl’s blueberry muffins.

Babs Z. Read more here.

[A] most enjoyable to read… Caitlin and Trevor are a adorable couple and fell in love with them right away …Very intriguing storyline and breeze to read through. ~ Denise, Lovers of Paranormal. Read more here.

Praise for  Murder Upon a Midnight Clear,

from The Jeep Diva blog:

“Fast paced and carrying a lovely sinister tone that adds to the creep factor of a murderer passing himself off as a Santa, there are plenty of moments that put me on the edge of my seat….Twisty and laden with tension, this was a read that kept me guessing and wondering almost from the beginning. Sexy characters with a palpable attraction, a disturbed spirit world and a killer that is stalking Sean’s family for reasons yet unknown make this a must read for fans of romantic suspense.”

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Praise for Passion’s Sacred Dance

“Reading Passion’s Sacred Dance has been a delight. Juli manages to convey both Stacy’s steadfast conviction and her skepticism, at the same time, in a very believable manner. How often do we want something so badly that, once it falls into our laps, we hardly dare to believe it can be ours–and find out we really don’t want it? It is a wonderful debut novel, a well crafted story that mixes Celtic myth and folklore with Floridian history, that pits good against evil and holds the fate of the world in its hands. I heartily recommend this book — and not just because I adore Aaron”–Jolene Dawe, The Saturated Page.


Juli D. Revezzo’s lovely prose shows a wordsmith’s care while keeping the pace moving….Fans of Celtic stories won’t want to miss this one and readers who appreciate a sexy swordsman will fall hard for Aaron. I look forward to the next Harshad Wars story so I can fall deeper into this rich, evocative world.~Joanne Rock, Three-time RITA nominee

“When fantasy becomes reality, the battle of good versus evil could be epic! Ms Revezzo has done her homework, rounded up her characters and set the stage for some great reading from start to finish! All you add is your own imagination.” ~Dii, Tome Tender

“I couldn’t put this book down. If you like breathtaking, spellbinding, intrigue, compelling characters. This is your book and you will be looking forward to many more as I am. ” Debi Allen, Amazon

Praise for The Artist’s Inheritance:

From: A Bluestocking’s Place: The Artist’s Inheritance

“For those who like paranormal and just your downright spooky stories, will find this a fine story to try out.”

Thanks for your fine review!

For Fans of Paranormal fiction.

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A Creepy Story–on Amazon and see Lori’s , full review here on her blog Escape with Dollycas


“This is definitely an author and a series you’re going to want to keep your eye on! Don’t forget to leave the lights on as you read this book!”

~Star, The Bibliophilic Book Blog

Read the full review on her blog here. Thank you, Star! 🙂


Are we victims of our family’s karma?

Wonderfully spooky debut novel

A Mystical Read

Captivating Tale

Praise for Caitlin’s Book of Shadows:

A wonderful “in-between” tale

Praise for House of Cards:

” A quick, fun, and creepy read”~Jade  from Ginger-read Reviews


Great Gothic Horror Story

Darkness, the Terror, and demons!