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Free the book!

 CAITLIN'S BOOK OF SHADOWS, is now free on Amazon ! So if you've been waiting to try it out, now's the time to snag your copy! If you got a different kind of ereader from Santa for Christmas, the story is also free at Smashwords: (I expect Barnes and Noble and Amazon UK will… Continue reading Free the book!

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Freaky Friday–Real life Buffy the ghost–er–demon hunters

Do y'all remember the television show/movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Okay, I'm not going to ask what you thought of them, but the show does bring to mind the idea of hunting baddies of all ilk. (Of course my characters Caitlin and her friends are beginning to brush up on just that in my Antique Magic… Continue reading Freaky Friday–Real life Buffy the ghost–er–demon hunters

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Magick and Mayhem–imps

Welcome to the Magick and Mayhem Fantasy blog hop. So the question was, what's your favorite fantasy creature. Well, you know, I'm torn. I like elves and faeries, but I adore wizards and gods--and imps, and witches of course. So... I guess I have to say all of them! They're running a giveaway involved here… Continue reading Magick and Mayhem–imps

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Share an excerpt Saturday

Caitlin frowned at her flowers. Maybe there was something there, a calming feel, a wisp of dust? “What do we need charms for?” Love and happiness were always welcome, sure. But protection? “What do we need protecting from?” Beryl leaned forward and sniffed a rose. “Don’t you know by now? The gods of Annwn want… Continue reading Share an excerpt Saturday

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Spooky Saturday

This article I ran across, a little old now, talks about a local theater.... What do you think? If you heard a local theater was haunted, would you want to join the hunt? Or find a new place to take your date on a Saturday night? 😉 The fact of the matter is, yeah,… Continue reading Spooky Saturday

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Guest post: Nicolette Andrews: The Prophetic Meaning Of Dreams

Today we have a treat for you, a fellow member of the Magic Appreciation Tour, Romantic fantasy author Nicolette Andrews has stopped by to talk about that favorite subject of most fantasy writers: Dreams. Welcome, Nicolette! The Prophetic Meaning of Dreams You awaken in a cold sweat you heart is beating against your rib cage… Continue reading Guest post: Nicolette Andrews: The Prophetic Meaning Of Dreams