New Year, new release

For this new year’s day, I wanted to pop in and wish you a happy new year, full of the best that makes you happy. Let’s spread happiness this year, shall we?

So, did you accomplish all you set out to this, past year? I did–for the most part. I’ll be shuffling some of last year’s tasks into the 2022 and I have some news!  At long last, my next audiobook has released.

Vesta's Clockwork Companions Audiobook

That’s right. There’s now an audiobook version of Vesta’s Clockwork Companions. My narrator, Karen Rose Richter, worked very hard on this audiobook and I think she did a fantastic job! I can’t wait until you all hear how she voiced the heroine and hero–and especially the hero’s best friend. Her portrayal of him is, I think, worth the listen. 🙂

The audiobook is available here:
Audible US
Audible UK

Audible France

Audible Germany

I hope you will enjoy it!

Anyway, just a final word to say, thanks for sticking with me again this year, and I look forward to chatting with you again soon!
Best wishes,
Juli D. Revezzo

New boxed set for fantasy romance lovers–preorder

As I hinted in my last post, I have a new release–well, it will be coming out in two days. An ebook boxed set of my fantasy romance series: Stewards War is now available for preorder.

The roots of these novels lie in Celtic Mythology and Lore. The heroes of Keeper of the Grove and its sequel Bitter Thorn Tribe is one of many immortal warriors in the Tuatha dé Danann’s army known as the Harshad Warriors. They are an elite regiment for the Tuatha dé Danann whose leaders love and protect each generation’s Steward from the evil god Balor. The struggle between the Tuatha dé Danaan and Balor represents a war spanning from mythic Ireland through the Medieval period and into present day Florida overseen by one daughter of a special, chosen family without whom, the world might truly be in peril.

The set includes all three books in the trilogy:

Stewards War boxed set

Keeper of the Grove and the flash fiction “About a Warrior”

Bitter Thorn Tribe

and Druid Defiance.

The boxed set (at the moment) gives you a bit  of a discount than if you bought the three books separately.

I hope you will enjoy it the series!

My Christmas Wish for you.

Taking a moment out of a busy week of writing and formatting and releasing box set for a pre-order, to drop a greeting for you all. May you have a …

A few titles are on sale for Christmas too, my steampunk/gaslamp romances:
Watchmaker’s Heart.

House of Dark Envy

and my Christmas romantic mystery, Murder Upon a Midnight Clear.

Cyber Monday sales

Or rather, I forgot to list this in my last post, I noticed a sale on my paperbacks. If you’d like to finish up the Stewards War series, Amazon has discounted the paperback for my fantasy romance novel Druid Defiance (being, as you see, the third book in the series):

Druid Defiance by Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, Celtic Romance, Paperback sale


Destined for War…

As Steward, Stacy travels to her ancestral home in Ireland to wed. When she is granted access to the family’s sacred site, her presence opens a magical portal that brings her into a new version of the world. Does this mean the gods approve and her wedding can move forward or will the evil Balor object and end the world once and for all?

This link will send you straight to the purchase page for the paperback.

(There’s also a low price on the Gothic romance/gaslamp romance novel House of Dark Envy.)

House of Dark Envy, Gothic romance, Juli D. Revezzo


Surely, lightning can’t strike twice…

1888: When Sarahjane attends Lady Morville’s costume party, she never expects to learn her old beau Felix Gryffith is under the illustrious woman’s patronage and stands on the cusp of making a world-changing discovery. Felix, whose lies disgraced her in the eyes of the London elite by labeling her a flirt.

Felix’s love for Sarahjane has never wavered, despite the scandal that forced them apart. He’s desperate to tell her the truth, if he can convince her to listen.

Fate lurked in the shadows that night, years ago. Has it returned to grant Sarahjane and Felix their wishes, or terrorize them?

This link will get you to the paperback.

In truth, I don’t know how the supply chain issues are going to affect the shipping speed on these but I hope you find what you’re looking for on your holiday lists this year. 🙂

Black Friday ebook sales

For Black Friday Weekend, I wanted to let you know you will find several of my Christmas-themed novels on sale. If you’re looking for a gift for yourself, or for something to load a Kindle or other ereader you’re about to gift someone. 😉 I have a few different genres here, so let’s get started. For the Historical romance lovers, COURTING THE STATIONMASTER’S DAUGHTER whose synopsis is:

After Honorine Camden is jilted, leaving her stunned and sparking a scandal in her tiny London borough of Wallflower, she’s devastated. But when she overhears her father, the stationmaster, talking about arranging a Christmas party for their newly-minted underground railway station, she volunteers to help. Although she’s intrigued with the handsome assistant stationmaster, Shane MacIntyre, she never expects to fall head-over-heels in love with him. Unfortunately, one tragic accident might derail everything.

Courting the Stationmaster's Daugher by Juli D. Revezzo, Victorian Romance, new Historical romance, Juli D. Revezzo, jilted bride, older man younger woman romance

I’m having a Kindle Countdown Sale on this one so that means, it’s $.99 through November 30. Find it at Amazon.

Also, if you like urban fantasy, there’s one fun Christmas-themed story (with a dragon!) in my Antique Magic series you might like,

The holidays are approaching, the busiest time of the year for Caitlin and Trevor’s antique store. Their plans for the solstice are set and they’re looking forward to a quiet break, if only the enchanted things in their shop, and of the Otherworld, will let them have it. Sometimes Christmas really does bring magic! But what kind is it, this time?

It’s $.99 cents at Amazon, but I set it as “pay what you want” at Smashwords. That means… you can pay the author for her work, or take it for free. I hope you’ll be generous at this time of year!

And finally, I’ve set my Christmas-themed Romantic, paranormal mystery, on sale at several venues, until December 7.

It’s now available on all ebook vendors!

You remember this one:


Murder reminds Detective Helene Collias that crime doesn’t take holidays. And the last victim she expected to find in her case files this Christmas is the sister of her old flame, Sean Grant. Ordinarily, Helene’s psychic gifts give her an edge but this time, that gift has short-circuited. Could her lingering attraction to Sean be blurring her abilities, or is something more sinister at work?

If you buy this through Smashwords, use code AJ66Q  to get the discount.

or you can get a copy at Amazon and other venues, also for $.99:

Buy from Amazon button

Thanks for reading and recommending my work to your friends and loved ones!

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For today

photo credit: viarami/Pixabay

I just wanted to pop in here, and take a breath. I’m alive, I’m here. But I’ve been working really hard on my project (*a secret addition to a story world in one of my other novels. I guess not so secret anymore! :)) for National Novel Writing Month. So sparing the brain power to think up a post is a bit low on the priorities list this month. But since today is a time for thankfulness, I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me, especially for reading my books (and for reviewing them!) and I hope all of you, my friends, have a nice, restful, holiday weekend.

Be on the look out as I’m having a sale soon. I’ll keep you posted. Until then, Happy Turkey Day!