Bitter Thorn Tribe new pnr romance novel

Good morning, everyone. I hope you’re well. I’ve been having a hectic, headachey week, here but getting better. I think part of the headache is dealing with business in this pandemic. The worker bees at Amazon have been crunching something and taking longer than usual.

Today, after much work and fretting, I can finally announce that I have a new change for you, and a new release. Remember a little book called Passion’s Sacred Dance? Yes, well, there’s been a shift. I moved it out of Celtic Stewards Chronicles, and gave it a new title, new series title, and new cover: it’s now called Keeper of the Grove.

Keeper of the Grove by Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, druids

(It’s a better title, we think here at Raven Queen Publications). Same book, different title and cover. And the cover is this:

Also…. There’s now a direct sequel to it. What do I mean? Simply that Stacy and Aaron star in this one, again, and it falls weeks after all the reading Stacy did in and Druid Warrior Prince and Druid Warrior Heart  (yes, if you’ve read those two books, those were actual files Stacy was reading. I just snipped the prologues in her pov out). Anyway, they’re the Celtic Stewards Chronicles, being related, but not the main story. This, what’s now called the Stewards War series, is the main tale being that begun in, and with the main characters of, Keeper of the Grove.

Anyway, the sequel (as you can see below) is titled Bitter Thorn Tribe:

Bitter Thorn Tribe by Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, druids

and the synopsis is as follows:

Destined to be a bride, if only the gods will let her…

Stacy Macken tries to acclimate herself to her training under Tuatha dé Danaan druids—as if she doesn’t have enough work in planning her wedding to her beloved guardian and fiancé Aaron.

When Fomorii loyalists violate their treaty and seek revenge for their recent defeat, even Stacy’s druids are at a loss to explain the mayhem that ensues.

Can Aaron and his brothers-in-arms stop it before Stacy and her family are caught in the crossfire?

Here’s a snippet from the novel: (Oh, by the way, Stacy ancestor’s name, Dechtire mentioned below. I pronounce it Deck-tir-ay. Not sure if that’s correct but that’s what this book says, and if it feels comfortable to you, have at it. :))


The whoosh of steel whispering through the quiet room played a soft tempo behind the silence as Aaron practiced.
The noise didn’t distract Stacy as she read the records of her ancestors piled before her. The files contained things she needed to know, things the harshad druids had hidden for centuries. Stacy didn’t like that secrecy; it seemed to her if the harshad warriors and druids hadn’t so closely-guarded their existence after her family immigrated to America, would she have doubted so much, as she had?
Beside the files lay a diary her great grandmother had given her, one by her ancestor Dechtire, she who founded Bitter Thorn Grove History Center, in the early nineteen hundreds. The history center which Stacy now oversaw, and that was, the harshad druids declared, the site of their sacred battleground. “I don’t want to see our descendants go through the same trouble and doubt I did. They need access to all these files and diaries.”
Aaron stood in the dining room, his fine muscles flexing as he practiced his sword work. “With the internet the way it is, trust me. There’ll be a leak sometime. Who knows what’s coming for the future of information retrieval. I’m sure our grandkids will have no trouble finding you.”
“Are you being prophetic?”
Another whoosh as he swung the sword back. The sword split into three blades. “Realistic. Our Technomages are savvy, but I don’t doubt someday, someone will find a way around their safeguards.”
Aaron passed her and gave her a quick kiss. In their bedroom, he put his harshad away then ducked into the bathroom, peeled off his shirt. He’d left the door open, so she got the full view, from her spot here.
He’d shaved yesterday, so what he sought in his reflection, she couldn’t tell. Stacy admired the smooth, angular cheeks and his green eyes, the cut of his jaw.
“I’ll make sure Cyreth double-checks those firewalls. God knows, if the children of today can breach government records, they’ll find us. I wonder if she wouldn’t mind dumping the computer system and going old school.”
Though, having seen how much data the harshad druids tabulated in their system, Stacy would hate to lose it all to some person’s memory. Even harshad druids had their limits, she thought. Or could they all do what Cyreth did? What about Dermot? Who was, now, the oldest druid she knew? She hoped, tonight, her dreams would help her find a way to convince them to give her what she wanted.
However, remembering one recent dream made her shudder. Ruth’s property in flames.
Whether her nightmare stemmed from these stories she read of her ancestor’s battles, or from stress, she didn’t know. Even now, the deadly flame licked over barn and grove in her vision. Someone—a woman’s voice she recognized vaguely—said, “Miss Macken, why’d you go?”
Go where?
“We’ll do our best to see no one but us can gain access to the records.” Aaron’s statement drew her back to reality. “Do you really doubt that?”
“Of course not.” Stacy supposed it didn’t matter, as long as her family had the most important parts of the tale. Which she absolutely meant them to. “Tell her it will give her something to do with the next five hundred years. That should cheer her up.”
He chuckled and shut the bathroom door. The shower faucet squeaked on.
I know what would make her happier, but I can’t vaporize Balor. No, Stacy knew they had no chance to defeat Balor permanently. By agreement, they had to settle for awaiting the next battle. Five hundred years from now.
And fight again, every five hundred years.
“Rules, rules.” She rose, returned the notes and papers to her bedside table, then flicked off the light illuminating the living room. Who’s monitoring that bloody agreement, and can I shred it when they’re not paying attention?
A light shone from the kitchen.
“Aaron, when did you go back into the kitchen?”
He shouted from the bathroom. “What was that about the kitchen?”
The shower’s heat attacked her skin as she ducked into the bathroom to repeat her question to which he answered, “I haven’t been in there in a while. Why?”
“The light’s still on. The sensor must be stuck again.” I should have that thing removed.
The electricians hadn’t built a light switch within easy reach of the door, so the condominium’s owner installed these movement-seeking sensors to turn them on and timers that shut them off after a few minutes of detecting no movement at all. Clever device, when it worked.
But sometimes, it didn’t. Like now. Stacy crept to the kitchen door, hoping the sensor wouldn’t see her; if indeed the lights were about to go out, she didn’t want to encourage them to waste more electricity. A quick flick of the switch would reset it.
She stepped over the threshold and froze seeing something that shouldn’t be in her kitchen: A Harbinger, a fiend of Balor’s devising and the bane of her existence. A beast somewhat like an alligator, a little like a dragon, that could become somewhat human when it wanted to sneak up on her. Clearly tonight, it preferred truth.
The Harbinger reeked of patchouli and musk as it crouched in her kitchen, peering at her with those evil quicksilver eyes, one claw on the light switch. The Harbinger smiled, saliva dripping from its fangs. “Heh … heh… Hello, Steward.”
Stacy scrambled back from the door and screamed.

What trouble are they facing now? You’ll have to read Bitter Thorn Tribe yourself and find out. You can find it at Amazon.

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…in both ebook and paperback (and the Kindle book is in KU, if you are a KU reader). And, if you’d like, you can catch up with the first book here, and the Celtic Stewards Chronicles here.

If you’re curious about a reading order to all this? If you’d like to go chronologically, start as it’s published now, at Druid Warrior Prince, then Druid Warrior’s Heart, then Keeper of the Grove and Bitter Thorn Tribe. If you don’t care, you can go by publication dates (KotG, DWH, DWPBitter Thorn Tribe) Personally, I like it in the chronological version vs. the publication dates version. But if I’d held all five books back until now, they’d never have come out. I’m decidedly not one of those who can write a whole series before publishing it. I may be a speedy writer, but I’m not that fast.

Ahem, anyway, if you’d like to you can get Bitter Thorn Tribe now at Amazon.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and please if you read the series and are feeling generous, please leave reviews for the books at Amazon. We authors can always use a few more.  🙂

Preptober 2020–how do you go about it?

The month of November is fast approaching, and writers, you know what that means: Nanowrimo.
If you are new to this and don’t recognize the abbreviation “Nanowrimo” worry not! I have some pearls of wisdom to pass along.

So, you’ve decided you want to dive into the madness of National Novel Writing Month—lovingly called Nanowrimo by the faithful. That is, the month of November, when writers from all over buckle down and write 50,000 words in a month. How in the world do you do it? By setting up your story in Preptober.

Preptober 2020 post, pic: Never stop dreaming by Marta Kulesza, via Pixabay

Image by Marta Kulesza from Pixabay

So Preptober, is… What it sounds like:  taking the month of October to prep your novel. Hence, Preptober.

Okay, you know what preptober is, and you want to write something in November, but what?


Now that it’s October, decide now, which story idea (if you have a few bugging you) you’re most drawn to. If it’s a fantasy novel, take the remainder of October to plan out your story—if you are a planner. If you are a pantser, I’d still encourage you to come up with some sort of plan for what you want to write towards. Where do you want your characters to start, what are their ultimate goals, and where do you want the story to end. In total, I’ve participated in Nanowrimo—and the summer version called Camp Wrimo—more than nine times.

Anyway, I can say this from experience: Knowing now the bare bones of what you’ll be writing, will help when the calendar turns over to November. You don’t want to waste your time banging your head against a wall when you could be putting 1667 words per day down.

Things you might want beforehand:

A notebook for your notes, your favorite pens, pencils, and (if you wish) highlighters, your favorite writing computer.

(I might actually suggest writing this in a computer file, if you have bad handwriting—and you can easily revise a Word doc.)

Things you might want to know about the story beforehand:

What genre do you plan to write?

What conflict do you think your characters might face?

What’s your world like? (Real world? Fantasy world?)

If it’s the real world, what’s your time period? This is important to know, because of the changes our world has gone through. For instance, you don’t want your heroine riding a subway in 1860 or eating potatoes in 10th century Ireland. (Trust me on this one!)

If it’s a fantasy world, what’s the climate like, the weather?

This might be important to research first. Say, your world is arctic, what’s that really like? How long can someone survive outside in that weather? You want have at least a rough idea while writing.

The languages?

What about music or entertainment?

What about special foods?

The technology, including the modes of travel. How long does it take to get from point A to point B? How fast do you want them to get from point A to point B? Having some idea of this may keep you from having to stop and do some research. 🙂

If you’re writing a story set in our real world, who were the leaders of your chosen country, at the time? Write his (or her) name down—and their dates. You never, you might decide, spur of the moment, to mention them, and you don’t want to be talking about a leader who wasn’t in office at your chosen date.  Same thing with technology. You wouldn’t want your main character flying on TWA if TWA is out of business at the date you’re writing. 🙂

 If you’re writing in the contemporary world, what else might you need to research to get the story on the page? For instance, if your hero is a doctor, but you don’t know the first thing about the medical field, you might want to look up and make these notes now.

If you’re writing the follow up to an already-finished novel, make notes from that previous work, or print them out, or set them into a folder that can stand out to you on your desktop. Anything so that said-notes stand out to you.

You can stop and research this as you write, but hey, research time takes away from writing the actual story. So do it now, I say.

If you’d like this as a checklist, I have a free download of the entire “guide”. If you’d like it, click here.

Making a date–#booksnippet–September 15

And now for something a little different…maybe. Here’s my sneak peek for Keeper of the Grove (Stewards War, book one) for this Sunday:

Stacy’s gaze went to Aaron’s, and butterflies dashed around in her stomach. A vision flashed before her of how his eyes might look glazed over in passion. “Maybe we should go.” She cleared her throat, stood and moved to the filing cabinet, changed her mind and went to the desk again.
The fabled diary! She was beside herself with excitement. She’d have the diary. What a month this
was turning out to be. “When can we meet him?”
Aaron came forward and ran a finger over the calendar’s slots. “How about tomorrow morning?”
“Yes.” She nodded emphatically. “Perfect. Nineish?”
“Tomorrow it is.” He nodded and turned toward the door.
The thrill of this discovery overwhelmed her. An urge to kiss him in thanks struck her hard in the chest. “Aaron?”
He met her gaze, waiting.
Her brain screamed, halt! She wanted to touch him at least. Her fingers twitched. She stepped back.
She just couldn’t. “I’ll see you at nine.”
He turned away with a knowing glint in his eyes.
She was such a fool.



Stacy Macken has one goal in mind: saving her renowned history center from greedy creditors. Losing it would be a catastrophe—one she doesn’t know how she’ll avoid.

Until Aaron Fielding arrives. To all human eyes, he is just like any man, but he reminds Stacy of one of the fae. He certainly enchants her like a fae lover would. But Stacy suspects there is more to this sexy fellow, with his tales of the Tuatha dé Danann, and magical warriors from Celtic legend who protect humanity from a wicked enemy seeking their destruction. Does his appearance mean the end of the world imminent?

Can she, a studious woman more intent on history books with no training in or love of war, possibly have anything to offer when a long-prophesied druidic battle explodes around her?

Previously published as Passion’s Sacred Dance by Juli D. Revezzo
Bonus: Includes brand new flash fiction piece, “About A Warrior”

If you’d like to get a copy of this, (or its new novel in the Stewards War series), it’s available for sale or to borrow with Amazon Prime at …well, Amazon 🙂

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Druid Warrior's Heart (Celtic Stewards Chronicles, book 2, Juli D. Revezzo, Medieval romance, fantasy


There are two related books to this novel, Druid Warrior Prince and  Druid Warrior’s Heart both now available at Amazon.

Discount princes–er, I mean, ebooks.


Druid Warrior Prince by Juli D. Revezzo, Celtic romance, Kindle, sale, Kindle Countdown deals, limited time

to let you know, the first book in my Medieval fantasy series, Celtic Stewards Chronicles series, Druid Warrior Prince, is on sale for $.99 today at Amazon.


Gwenevieve Macken’s well-ordered world falls into chaos as encroaching interlopers scheme to possess both her and her land. Although she’s been trained to spot the signs of inhuman evil in men, the amassing armies take on guises she never expected.

When a foreign guardian presents himself as her only option for salvation, Gwenevieve must make a choice between her desires, and fulfilling the mythic fate to which she was born. A forced marriage to a Tuatha dé Danann warrior isn’t part of her plan.

For a tad bit more about the story, Gwen is a lively, independent young woman who, through her apunk finds herself wedded to … shall we say though he’s someone she’d long thought might be her knight in shining chainmail, didn’t exactly match the picture in her head? 😉

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If you’d like to check it out at Amazon, or Nook, other ebook venues, you may do so here.

Writing during a global crisis and a sale

Sunday. It’s been a minute or two since I posted here. I’ve been busy!! In fact, I’ve done a lot of stuff in the background, with regards to my site and my novels and stories that are currently available, and am in the beginning stages of writing a new book, having come off the back of releasing one and writing another.

Those of you who are my long time readers* are thinking “Juli, that sounds typical for you”, isn’t it? Even a pandemic doesn’t seem able to stop the writing, for me. I’m not bragging. I’m lucky in that, I realize. I’ve not had a bad case of writer’s block in decades. And at one point, I suffered a bout that lasted several years.

How do I avoid it now and write so many things at once? I don’t know. I think it stems from when I was a college student. Back then, I got used to studying for several classes at once and that…helps(?). I can partition my thoughts to allow the story ideas to flow while I’m cooking dinner or insert-other-boring-life-chore-here. That’s the best explanation I have for it. From there, the habit carried into writing (to the point of where I seem unable to write only one series at a time. :)) Which is frustrating, sometimes, I’ll admit.

More than that, I think the ability to write through anything just has something to do with my mindset towards it. While I participate in Nanowrimo, I don’t–and maintain, you shouldn’t–wait for an arbitrary date to begin your stories. I write whenever I can, whether it be a note or a paragraph from my character’s point of view. That’s how you get it done when time seems against you. *nods* Or at least it’s how it works for me. Heck, the writing even can help me from dwelling–er, focusing too much on that crisis, and for that, I’m very grateful. May you find your own rhythm to writing during a crisis.

(**Speaking of my writing, if you’re not currently one of my readers and would like to check out something I’ve published for free, I  have  some titles still in the Kindle Lending Library, if have Prime and you’d like to read them. There are also three free things and some other inexpensive books out –which you might say is a bargain, compared to some book prices out there–let’s face it, I’m not one of those charging $9.99 for my ebooks! *looks to the silly ones in NY* In fact, if you are an historical fan, there is a giveaway/sale that’s in progress for the next few days, if you wish. Check it out here:


My historical romance novel House of Dark Envy is involved in the sale.

So that’s me, for this little bit. I need to (say it with me) get back to writing! 🙂 Have a good week, all and good luck with your own writing!

Something new and oh, yes, I hate….

THIS IS AN OLD POST (circa 2017).  Somehow, the blog post reposted–sorry about that. The book is still available for free, but it’s not new any longer. 😉

coverideatestblondegirlsnowNO SUCH THING AS DASHER


For Avery, her holiday duties as a forest ranger oftentimes involve tracking revelers who have lost their way in her wilderness domain. After a camper clashes with a reindeer, however, Avery is shocked to discover the creature is defended not by Santa, but by the formidable, yet gentle, shapeshifting Lord of the Forest.

An enchanting fairy tale to celebrate the magic of the season!

Free at Smashwords, Amazon, (US, Canada, Brazil, Australia–not all the venues have changed the price yet , and…. that’s about it. Itunes is dragging, as is Barnes and Noble. (do you get the feeling this aggravates me? Particularly that it’s not gone free in the UK, or even live at Itunes  which have been picking at their noses for nine days with this, now. [Black Friday, my foot!]). They’re trying, I suppose, in this day and age of  one-button, one-click everything? I don’t get it.)

Meanwhile, it’s hit #6 in the romance lists. 🙂

Freebie lists, but still.

Anyway, hopefully, they’ll all come online soon. In the meantime, enjoy, and remember, reviews are welcome!