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Magick and Mayhem–imps

Welcome to the Magick and Mayhem Fantasy blog hop. So the question was, what's your favorite fantasy creature. Well, you know, I'm torn. I like elves and faeries, but I adore wizards and gods--and imps, and witches of course. So... I guess I have to say all of them! They're running a giveaway involved here… Continue reading Magick and Mayhem–imps

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Share an excerpt Saturday

Caitlin frowned at her flowers. Maybe there was something there, a calming feel, a wisp of dust? “What do we need charms for?” Love and happiness were always welcome, sure. But protection? “What do we need protecting from?” Beryl leaned forward and sniffed a rose. “Don’t you know by now? The gods of Annwn want… Continue reading Share an excerpt Saturday

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Freaky Friday–vampires, witches, and plague victims, oh my!

  For today's freaky Friday installment.... This could be filed under lots of things I suppose. What's odd about is the evolution of how our species looked at their neighbors. That at one time we considered old age a mark of witchcraft just feels that way now. At least to my modern eyes.  The other… Continue reading Freaky Friday–vampires, witches, and plague victims, oh my!

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Share an excerpt Saturday

Since spring is here, I'm sharing a "garden" excerpt from Caitlin's Book of Shadows: “I can’t wait for the spring thaw,” Caitlin complained, sliding her coat off. “Come on, late February!” “No,” Trevor said, sweeping the shop’s floor. “Can we skip February?” Her heart twisted and she smoothed a hand down his arm. February would… Continue reading Share an excerpt Saturday

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Witches Have a Fashion Moment –

This may or may not qualify as "Weird" or freaky, depending on your point of view. Personally, I always find it kind of...odd when something I've loved...oh, forever hits the mainstream. So...Witches are fashionable now? Wow! Since I include them in most every story I write, I think it's a nifty development. What do you… Continue reading Witches Have a Fashion Moment –

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Visiting a Gothick castle

Sort of. I'm watching Dark Shadows and visiting over at Gothicked today. Want to know what inspired me to write House of Cards? Then come on over. The post is up here. Oh and if you're curious, I read here and  here that yesterday was  the day of Ceadda, the (very obscure) Celtic god/goddess of… Continue reading Visiting a Gothick castle