Mourning Dove Locket

The fourth book in the Antique Magic series, MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, sees  Caitlin helping a young witch, Maria. When the teen comes up to her, asking her to “return her grandmother’s locket to her” she can’t help but notice the girl’s budding powers. Like herself at that age, Maria is a medium and psychic, a witch with a connection to the Otherworld Caitlin has rarely seen in Gulf Breeze’s younger generation. Despite Maria’s mother’s grave worries, the young witch follows Caitlin around like a puppy. But Maria has other forces to worry about, as something wants control of her. Maria seems to charm everyone she meets, and Caitlin and Trevor and their coven refuse to let anything evil befall her. With school to worry about (Caitlin’s taking college courses in Social Work at Michela’s behest!), and her own witchy powers growing in unexpected ways, what happens? Are there other mysteries Maria’s locket holds? You’ll have to read to find out!

MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest book in the Antique Magic series is now available!

Mourning Dove Locket by Juli D. Revezzo, Kindle

For antique shop owners Caitlin and Trevor Fulmer, the intrusion of gods and ghosts is an unfortunate daily occurrence. After a young girl offers Caitlin a gold locket, however, she can’t help but notice it’s oozing with paranormal energy.

More significantly, the locket’s owner is surrounded by Otherworld spirits. Caitlin recognizes in the girl all the signs of a budding witch in the midst of a dangerous crisis.

Can she and her covenmates protect the girl and assist her in embracing her powers, before those beyond the veil extract their revenge?

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(Yes, that’s right, for those of you wondering, the witches Beryl, Heather, and Sealya are back, as are Cait, Trevor, and their adorable Hound of Annwn, Rhonabwy! Let the magic commence!)


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‘What a delightful read. New ghosts emerge as Cait helps a teenager give a family heirloom locket back to its owner. Of course, it’s not that easy and soon all the witchy friends are trying to uncover the mystery. Speakeasies, cemeteries, teleporting, a locket with a secret and cameo appearances by ghost Civil War soldier Roland and Celtic goddess Arianrhod. The new character, the teenage Maria, seems to be an emerging witch, not at all what her mother wanted to hear. But is Maria really becoming a witch ? Or is she something much, much more ?’-Babs, at Amazon.

Shucks! Thank you, Babs!

‘Mourning Dove Locket’ was another exciting book from the ‘Antique Magic Series’. The storyline was full of mystery and an exciting display of magic. The way it played out was, basically, magical. I loved the way Caitlin has expanded her magic and talents as a witch and mentor. The characters were great. Trevor and Caitlin make the best couple. Their mutual love and devotion to each other is powerful. Maria was a fun character. She definitely has more of an open mind than I would have. A great add to your tbr list. Recommended read. ~ Denise, Lovers of Paranormal/Amazon.

Thank you, Denise!

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