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Welcome to the home of fantasy and historical romance author Juli D. Revezzo. Here you’ll find news of what the author is working on now, her latest kindle releases, the  historical romance novel, COURTING THE STATIONMASTER’S DAUGHTER, the time travel novella Fifty Measly BucksDRUID WARRIOR PRINCE (Celtic Stewards Chronicles book 3). I also talk about the most recent novel in the Antique Magic series, MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, my Gothic romances, HOUSE OF DARK ENVY, and Lady of the Tarot, the Victorian steampunk romance, WATCHMAKER’S HEART, as well as further releases in the fantasy/historical-flavored romance Celtic Stewards Chronicles series (featuring the Tuatha dé Danann) and the Welsh-mythological tinged paranormal fiction series, Antique Magic, and other works of literary fancy, tidbits about my books. All are available in ebook, paperback, and some in Audiobook! I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you like, please subscribe to my blog or mailing list for further infrequent updates on the schedule of releases, and even maybe some goodies.

Latest release:

Juli’s latest release is in the historical romance realm: Courting the Stationmaster’s Daughter (historical romance)

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Genre: Historical romance, Victorian romance

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