Nook and new story news!

Ahem…. For those of you that have been following my publishing exploits, I have two announcements. One, (and darn Smashwords beat me to it–like button hitting I guess) Anyway…. my new story is out now:

House of Cards. A creepy little sampling (at a bargain price) for the upcoming Halloween Holiday….

House of Cards
by Juli D. Revezzo
Available at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

Can you gamble with Fate?

A young nobleman escapes the Reign of Terror in 18th century France to find himself dragged into an even worse fate–a hellish underworld wherein he is cajoled and put on trial by a demon tribunal for crimes he never committed. Can he answer thwart his fate, one worse than the guillotine?
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Mythic. $.99

And Two, it and The Artist’s Inheritance, are finally (finally!) available on Nook.

Settling into their new home in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Caitlin senses changes come over her husband Trevor. He’s obsessed with a beautiful chair he’s carving, a passion that smacks of his familial curse dating back to the Civil War.

Armed with newfound precognitive abilities, and little experience of the supernatural, Caitlin must proceed with caution. If she fails to break this cycle of damnation, she’ll lose forever the one thing she loves most: Trevor.

Genre: Paranormal fantasy/horror

If you’d like to get The Artist’s Inheritance on Nook, you can now do so here. If Kindle’s your favorite, they’re both available on Kindle too. The Artist’s Inheritance  here and House of Cards here.

I hope you enjoy them!