Twisting American history for art’s sake

Writers are always asked this, (okay, in my case, people are usually telling me “you know, I have this great idea. You should write about it, it’ll make us famous) but anyway…ideas. They come from everywhere, right?

Abigail Smith Adams by Gilbert Stuart, source: Wikipedia

I’ve had this character bopping around my head for awhile named Abby. Abigail, actually. I noted the name down after I caught a docu-drama on American Experience about John and Abigail Adams once (this one, I think). I don’t remember what it was that struck me about them, but good ole Abby stuck in my head.

Never could figure out where to fit her. Then I started working on what became my new novel, The Artist’s Inheritance, and Abigail peeked over my shoulder. “Damn,” she said when saw Caitlin in the starring role. “I missed the casting call again? Aren’t there any spots for me?”

So, it was either the missing mom, (and really she didn’t fit the crazy Welsh mom role) or the gallery owner-mentor role, or the who-knows-if-she-can-be-trusted accountant role.

She could’ve pulled off Accountant I think, but…there was all that math involved. *gah* So she opted for the mentor role. And now she’s recurring character. So ha! Abigail finally found a home. I hope you’ll like what I did to her. (It was the closest I’d come to the dreaded mash-up. I don’t mash much. 😉 I’ve got The Artist's Inheritanceenough ideas on my own thanks).

Of course now all we need to know is what Abigail would think if she knew the real reason behind what’s keeping Trevor away from work so much. I wonder how she’d deal with an onslaught of the paranormal, were Caitlin to tell her everything (one day she might). On the other hand, I’m not sure I want to know what the real Abigail would say. 😉 I hope she doesn’t mind me using her name for my favorite gallery owner!

Interested in what this is all about? Here’s the trailer:

If you’d like to see how my Abby came out, The Artist’s Inheritance is available at Amazon.
Also, author Beth Trissel‘s recent post on the subject made me think to post this. She covers the Adams’ much better than I do, so go check it out, here.