Once Upon A Time

What do you think of Once Upon a Time? What do you think of the new season so far? I spent the last couple weeks, prior to the debut rewatching the season with Mom (DVRs rock) I have a few faves, but a few niggle points still stick.

I think their definition of fairy tale’s a bit loose, however loved the Alice episode (are you surprised?), and Pinocchio’s an adorable kid.(and what in the world is happening to him now??? (no, no. No spoiler…You have to watch last night’s episode to learn that. I’m not telling.

Here’s the biggest question I had at the end of season one: if a character’s secret is revealed in the first season….(like several all throughout the first season–or page one in book terms), isn’t it a mite too soon? For instance the end of OUAT, season one! Did they just blow the mystery out of the rest of the (presumably) seasons to come?

Now that you know what the secret is, what’s to keep you watching?

I ask this because I’m of the camp that Melanie Rawn spawned: Don’t tell all your secrets until you have to. (In her case, it was the very end of book two of one of her series–when will book three come out?????) *ahem* and it’s a big thing in Mystery writing. You lay out your secrets gradually. You do NOT reveal everyone’s GMC immediately (sorry romance writers, you’ve been taught wrong).

If I tell you “My Character is Actually The Easter Bunny In Disguise” on page two what’s left to keep you reading (or in the case of OUAT, watching)? That the other characters don’t know, to me, seems ….a lame consolation (easily fixed by a conversation–and we don’t like that either).

Still, will I keep watching Once Upon A Time? You betcha.  Heck after that bang up season two open, even my hubby’s watching! 😉 And did you see Sunday night’s?

I also want to see who they’ll cover next (I’d kinda like to see them do the Swan Princess or Snow White and Rose Red) and how they’ll fix this mindF– that Mr. Gold caused. What about you? What fairy tale are you looking forward to this season?

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

    1. It’s an awesome little show. They twist up fairy tales in …just a wild way sometimes. I love it. 🙂

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