Spooky Saturday

This article I ran across, a little old now, talks about a local theater….


ghostFlareWhat do you think? If you heard a local theater was haunted, would you want to join the hunt? Or find a new place to take your date on a Saturday night? 😉

The fact of the matter is, yeah, I probably would. My husband used to work at a theater in our hometown (not the one mentioned in the article, but a different theatre) that he and some of his co-workers swore was haunted. They’d hear footsteps when they were cleaning a theatre, and find no one else around. There was even one time they found some old lady had died in the bathrooms, poor thing. That really ramped up the stories about ghosts.

Is it really haunted? *shrugs* I don’t know, but I tell ya, despite not letting it ruin a date night, I never wanted to hang around by myself after the lights went out! *lol*

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One thought on “Spooky Saturday

  1. The college I attended is haunted, I’m sure of it. I used to work there is the summers and the building I lived in would often be deserted. There were many times I heard footsteps on the third floor. I was never brave enough to go up and look around, though.

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