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Saturday snaps, updates, and reading.

Sorry I have disappeared this week, guys.I’ve been working on three things at once and having some computer glitches. I will have a new site out shortly, and possibly a new blog link. I’ve also been working on a new story and reading. I’ve recently finished reading a new story by Jolene Dawe called Spirit… Continue reading Saturday snaps, updates, and reading.

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Things intelligent people say….

FUCK! Oh.Oops. Excuse me. I beg the apologies of my gentler audience who are oh so offended by the F word. But you know what? According to this F$%!*!%& article, those of us who swear a F$%!*!%& blue streak are …. intelligent. Who knew? Don’t believe me? Go F$%!*!%& read this: I’ll eventually return you to… Continue reading Things intelligent people say….

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So it starts….Summer Magic

It’s been a busy week here. Having taken a day off last week, thanks to a storm, I hope to be back to final edits today. Yes, one of the problems with living in the so-called Sunshine state, the one that the chamber of commerce doesn’t like to think about is that this time of… Continue reading So it starts….Summer Magic

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I know, I haven’t been around much…#amwriting #amreading #charity

I can’t believe we’re in May, already, can you? I’ve not been wasting the year (really, I haven’t). I’ve been working hard! Aside from promoting my latest book, WATCHMAKER’S HEART, I’ve been going over final edits for *drum roll*…the next novel in the Antique Magic series. Yep, it will be coming soon, y’all, I promise… Continue reading I know, I haven’t been around much…#amwriting #amreading #charity

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Queen Maeve Tea from TheForest Witch

Unboxed my tea sample from TheForestWitch Of course, I couldn’t pass up something named for Maeve. It looks so pretty, lots of colors to the tea. Mia blogged about the tea on her blog here and you can see better pictures of it there. Another great thing about TheForestWitch is that Mia was great… Continue reading Queen Maeve Tea from TheForest Witch