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Special: Summer Solstice Supper and Summer Reading List

Welcome! My friend, romance author Linda Joyce, got together with some of the romance authors she knows, and decided to cook up--erm, post--a little virtual dinner party. And she invited me *smiles*  Linda chose the theme of  the Summer Solstice to offer you a sumptuous supper and a buffet of books to satisfy your reading… Continue reading Special: Summer Solstice Supper and Summer Reading List

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Friday Flowers–Fennel Failure

Forgive the alliteration, coffee hasn't kicked in. You know what I've always wanted? An herb garden. Unfortunately, I am admittedly a  failure at it. I had a slight success with some rosemary a couple years back. Kept it alive for about five years. The basil did okay, but I don't recall it lasting for more… Continue reading Friday Flowers–Fennel Failure

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Freaky Friday–vampires, witches, and plague victims, oh my!

  For today's freaky Friday installment.... This could be filed under lots of things I suppose. What's odd about is the evolution of how our species looked at their neighbors. That at one time we considered old age a mark of witchcraft just feels that way now. At least to my modern eyes.  The other… Continue reading Freaky Friday–vampires, witches, and plague victims, oh my!

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Spooky Saturday

This article I ran across, a little old now, talks about a local theater.... What do you think? If you heard a local theater was haunted, would you want to join the hunt? Or find a new place to take your date on a Saturday night? 😉 The fact of the matter is, yeah,… Continue reading Spooky Saturday


Reading required….

Okay, maybe required isn't exactly correct, but it sure recharges the ole batteries sometimes. I've been revising the heck out of two books, and writing a third something, (heh. Threes. She does things in threes. Gee...wonder why...) and reading a fourth novel. So I needed a little break from fiction. I've been reading a lot… Continue reading Reading required….