Saturday snapshot

I saw this on Book Journey and well, you know me. I like to take my pictures. 🙂 I didn’t get any good flower shots this week…the garden’s a little confused with the weather, methinks (hot and cold so close together does that). But I visited the Dunedin History Museum last month and found many nifty items that of course will work into Caitlin’s next books (whether Drawing Down the Shades, I don’t know since that one’s already finished and in the hands of my critique partner. :)) But! I found this nifty spinning wheel.


Friends of mine work on spinning their own yarn so I couldn’t help bu snap it for her. No, it’s not the best picture, but …oh well. As you can see, the wheel’s kinda jammed into a small space. I’ve been working one into a new story I’m writing or two (one that I’ve planned to submit to The Wild Rose Press! :)). I’m researching/thinking now to see how I might be able to work something like it into the follow up to House of Cards, (Reign of Tarot #1) I’m working on. What I really want to know, is where’s the spindle Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on? >;) I guess they removed it so princesses couldn’t accidentally get pricked. hehe.

Anyway, the visit to the museum was an off-the-cuff idea a few weeks back but so productive, plot-wise. 🙂 It’s a really neat place too. So…that’s my snapshot.

9 thoughts on “Saturday snapshot

  1. Spinning wheels are so pretty! My great-aunt had one in her sitting room, and I used to be fascinated by it (probably also because we only made the trip to visit her once a year, so it was a great novelty). Thanks for participating! I’m in the midst of packing and moving so it’s taking me much longer to visit the posts these days. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alyce. Yes, spinning wheels are nice. How neat that your great-aunt had one! I myself have never seen them but in pictures. Now that my friends have begun using them and talking about them more, I’m starting to see them all over the place.

  2. Lucky you, getting to do fun stuff that helps your plot. My plot needs some serious help but a research trip is totally not viable right now.

  3. We were in Vegas yesterday and drove to Sedona on the way we hit a blinding snowstorm near Flagstaff where they got 16 inches of snow so no wonder the garden is confused!

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