Saturday snaps, updates, and reading.

Sorry I have disappeared this week, guys.I’ve been working on three things at once and having some computer glitches. I will have a new site out shortly, and possibly a new blog link. I’ve also been working on a new story and reading. I’ve recently finished reading a new story by Jolene Dawe called Spirit Touched. It’s awesome. 🙂 You can see my little review for it on the new blog here.


And since y’all liked my picture from last week, here’s another. A pretty magnolia (I think it’s a magnolia), from another recent walk. I hope you like it. Continue reading “Saturday snaps, updates, and reading.”

Mary watch over–Saturday snapshot

I recently made a trip to a family funeral. Not fun, no, but I do like statuary, and anything old, so I enjoyed looking around the cemetery. That’s how I found this beauty: Continue reading “Mary watch over–Saturday snapshot”

Saturday snapshot

I saw this on Book Journey and well, you know me. I like to take my pictures. 🙂 I didn’t get any good flower shots this week…the garden’s a little confused with the weather, methinks (hot and cold so close together does that). But I visited the Dunedin History Museum last month and found many nifty items that of course will work into Caitlin’s next books (whether Drawing Down the Shades, I don’t know since that one’s already finished and in the hands of my critique partner. :)) But! I found this nifty spinning wheel.


Friends of mine work on spinning their own yarn so I couldn’t help bu snap it for her. No, it’s not the best picture, but …oh well. As you can see, the wheel’s kinda jammed into a small space. I’ve been working one into a new story I’m writing or two (one that I’ve planned to submit to The Wild Rose Press! :)). I’m researching/thinking now to see how I might be able to work something like it into the follow up to House of Cards, (Reign of Tarot #1) I’m working on. What I really want to know, is where’s the spindle Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on? >;) I guess they removed it so princesses couldn’t accidentally get pricked. hehe.

Anyway, the visit to the museum was an off-the-cuff idea a few weeks back but so productive, plot-wise. 🙂 It’s a really neat place too. So…that’s my snapshot.