Freaky Friday: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree

For today’s freaky Friday, I found this topic and couldn’t resist.

Greenman, circa 1543

Greenman, circa 1543

The Green Man’s huge in Celtic Mythology of course. Its fairy-like image is found on churches and buildings throughout England. Related of course to the natural vegetal cycles of the world (Spring is coming after all). Jethro Tull even honored him in their song Jack In the Green. (*pause for moment of fangirl worship*)

So when I found this guy’s article *points to link*, in honor of the *fingers crossed* coming spring (and Imbolc!) I  couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all.

via OCCULT VIEW » » Photos: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree.

Can you see anything freaky and fairy-like? Can you see the Green Man in these photos??

4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree

  1. I knew you were cool, but I had no idea how much. “Heavy Horses” and “Songs from the Wood” are a couple of my favorite albums (ever since the days they were first released on vinyl).

  2. Yikes! I don’t put much stock in the paranormal stuff, but I must admit it does intrigue me a little bit.

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