writing Wednesday

daily-lifeI am not ignoring this blog. I’m not! I had a movie to review but decided against it, twice. Why? I’ve had some very important research I’m doing for planned book and it’s pulling me away from blogging–and making me a little crazy. LOL The gist of my search has encompassed:

Iron Age instruments.
La Tène culture

The Druids: Druids and Celtic Culture

Clann Chaomhánach: The Origin of the Celts

Celtic Passage Tomb Reconstructed: Celtic Myth Pod Show

Musical Instruments of the Celts by Helen McSkimming: Celtic Myth Pod Show

Music from Antiquity

Ancient Music

I’m also reading “Daily Life in Elizabethan England” by Jeffrey L. Singman.

So, quite a spread there, but it’ll all be worth when the plot bunnies get in line. 😉

**Ella, you were right about this historical thing. I may be able to pull that off after all! 😉 Stay tuned…. meanwhile, I am donning a parka and anti-insanity charms 😉 and diving back in.