Release Day for Clockwork and Courtship

It’s here! It’s here. I’m so excited!!!! *Squee* Clockwork and Courtship (Gears, Cogs, and Puppy Dogs, book 3) is now live on Amazon.


Vesta returns to London, eager to solve the canine crisis once and for all. As she meets with a group of Her Majesty’s scientists and alchemists, their work renews her hope that the puppy population might be restored–even if it renders her clockwork companions obsolete. Despite Vesta’s frustration with their pace, her forthcoming marriage to Henry provides inspiration. Unfortunately, if the irresistible rogue cannot follow her father’s rules and reform his impetuous ways, her father might cancel the ceremony.

You can read a sample (and purchase the book!) here:

Or read the sample in this blog post.

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I hope you enjoy it (and the whole series) and please don’t forget to leave a review!

The paperback is also available at Barnes and Noble.

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