Miss Camden Kissed the Duke–two days to go!

The new novel in the Camden Girls (historical romance) series is almost here! Would you like to see something funny, this morning?

Miss Camden Kissed the Duke, coming in two days! September 13th banner, Juli D. Revezzo, historical romance

Yeah, so I’ve been working on the marketing and for tweets I came up with a few funny things (or at least they were to us here at Raven Queen Publications. 🙂

A little play on the title: “After a little too much tea, Miss Camden Kissed the Duke.”
🙂 Well, it made us giggle.

If I think of more, I’ll post them on Twitter.

Fresh on the heels of romantic heartbreak, Miss Isabelle Camden agrees to become companion for the sister of a busy, arrogant duke. She plans to keep her distance, but when a snowstorm strands them outside London for days, an unexpected dare sets propriety at naught…and sends her into the duke’s arms.

(as of this writing: 11/25) It’s available now on Amazon!