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Winter-time, business, and new releases

Not saying we have it as bad as those of you getting snowed on but WOW did the temps drop this weekend! (And we're already--slightly--warming back up). And I finally got  Draft2Digital figured out. Their support was wonderful. 🙂 So if you're an indie author and looking for a way to go "wide" I'd say… Continue reading Winter-time, business, and new releases

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Watchmaker’s Heart audiobook

New audiobook release! Just popping in to add another. I've been working on revisions for a new book, lately, as well as some other stuff (non-writing), mostly just refilling the well, as it were. But, I wanted to put this here, for those of you still following this old blog, instead of the new one.… Continue reading Watchmaker’s Heart audiobook


Blog Ring of Power–chatting with Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Good morning, everyone. I just wanted to let you know I had an interview over at speculative fiction author Sandra Ulbrich Almazan's site yesterday. You can read it here: hope you enjoy it. And thank you, Sandra for hosting me! Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. I had a dentist appointment that threw the date… Continue reading Blog Ring of Power–chatting with Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

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Twisting American history for art’s sake

Writers are always asked this, (okay, in my case, people are usually telling me "you know, I have this great idea. You should write about it, it'll make us famous) but anyway...ideas. They come from everywhere, right? I've had this character bopping around my head for awhile named Abby. Abigail, actually. I noted the name… Continue reading Twisting American history for art’s sake