Monthly writer update

Who can believe May is almost over, raise your hand.


Yeah, neither can I! So, what’s new in the writer’s sphere? Well, I’ve been busy busy with house stuff, (ugh!) and busy editing. Editing what, you ask? Why, the next Antique Magic book! Yes, my next urban fantasy book will be coming, very, very soon. I had hoped to get it out before now, but pesky thing is longer than I planned–and I got knocked down for two weeks not being able to keep anything in my stomach, which in turn left me with no desire or strength to edit.

(Oh, yeah, right. And there was reading through the monstrosity that was that pile of papers I showed you last month, and I sort of roughly plotted a new historical romance “series”. Yes, I cannot control the plot-bunnies, ever.).

Then, we had some house things we had to take care of, nothing too shocking, but it was to us. So, that’s been a minor nuisance.

Also, I finished a round of edits for the next Camden Girls book. Yes, this one is for my historical romance readers.

But Antique Magic book 7 is coming. Sooner rather than later. 🙂 With Memorial day weekend upon us, let’s see how much time I have to work in this final edit in the next few days (Hubby is a reader too, so he usually doesn’t impede the writing! ;)) I’ll let you know when the (pre-order?) link is live. 🙂 Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!