Reading required….

Okay, maybe required isn’t exactly correct, but it sure recharges the ole batteries sometimes. I’ve been revising the heck out of two books, and writing a third something, (heh. Threes. She does things in threes. Gee…wonder why…) and reading a fourth novel. So I needed a little break from fiction.

redhairedgirlbogI’ve been reading a lot about Druids–well, have been for years but have dipped my toes, or nose, rather, back into the books of late. I’m skimming through the first chapter of The Celts by Nora Chadwick (having enjoyed Imbas Forasnai a while back [thank you, Erynn Laurie Rowan for making it available again!]  I thought I’d give it another look…more on that later when I finish it, maybe).  Meanwhile, does anyone know of any books like Patricia Monaghan’s Red-Haired Girl from the Bog that I can add to my must read list? I just finished her book and though I’ve read mixed reviews of it, I enjoyed it. The basis of it is that Ms. Monaghan found herself in Ireland one year, chasing her roots, so to speak, and a deep love of the land emerged that had her going back to Ireland, year after year, picking out threads of the ancient Celts stories of the land and the gods/goddesses. She even mentioned some that are near and dear to my heart. *sigh* I, for one, loved it and would like to find more like it. (If I had one criticism of the book, I only wish she’d have included some photographs of the places she mentions in the book. I’d like to have seen what some of the landscapes look like without resorting to Google.) I took a lot of notes. Who knows if I’ll ever use all of them in a story. Never say never though!

Speaking of books, thanks to everyone who bought my books (The Artist’s Inheritance, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows or House of Cards)  in the Fantasy sales last month. I hope you enjoy them. And don’t forget to leave a review somewhere if you did. 🙂 I’m currently about to set about hitting the revisions for the follow up to The Artist’s Inheritance, so hope it can get out by my projected date. Maybe early summer at this point.  We’ll see. I’m still working on it, in between the one for TWRP that I mentioned below. 🙂

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  1. Reading of all kinds should be a requirement writers put on themselves. I can’t imagine being a writer without first having been a reader.

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