Movie Monday–Crazy Heart

220px-Crazy_heart_posterCrazy Heart

(starring Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhall and Robert Duvall)

Released by Fox Searchlight

A washed-up country star “Bad” Blake (played by Jeff Bridges) meets a young reporter, Jean, to whom he grants an interview. He doesn’t tell her much at first but promises more after his gig. Later that night, they get together and spend the rest of the night talking. The next day, Bad takes her to lunch and they end up sleeping together. Bad gets a call from his manager offering him a huge opening act spot for another up and coming country star—one Bad’s not too keen about … to say the least. He drives off to Santa Fe, grumbles about everything from the sound check to the fact that he’s ordered to “sell his CDs” after the gig, and goes back to Texas—drunk.

But Bad has a little accident first and rolls his truck. Jean comes and gets him from the hospital, tends to him at home, where he bonds a little more with mother and son. That is, until Bad gets takes the boy to a bar, ends up drunk again and…

Well, the question is, is it ever too late for a second chance?

You’ll have to see it to find out. It reminded me a bit of the story of several different stars (Walk the Line, the biopic about Johnny Cash comes to mine, and the recent movie “Country Strong”). Though it’s not a genre movie as you might’ve come to expect from me, *g* I found it  interesting and the book seems so too. And Bridges’ singing isn’t half bad. So, if you’re in the mood for this kind of thing, check it out.
Here’s the trailer:

Here’s a little about it and where to get it, if you’re interested.

The novel, Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb

Crazy Heart at Jeff

Crazy Heart Wikipedia

Crazy Heart on IMDb

The DVD is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Netflix.

The novel is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from Alibris.

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  1. I’ve loved Maggie Gyllenhall ever since she was in Mona Lisa Smile (which is easily in my top ten movies ever) and this looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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