Sweet Saturday Sample–Caitlin’s Book of Shadows

My first Sweet Saturday Sample of the new year, and let’s go with the new story, shall we? This is from my newly released story, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows, available at Amazon.


“What do you have there, Abigail?”

“More recipes, I guess.” She opened the cover and read the title, drawn in Trevor’s sure hand:

Caitlin’s Book of Shadows

Abigail gasped. No, not recipes.

Was it true? Had she really committed something like this to old-fashioned pen and ink? She flipped a few pages, reading entries.

I’d like to put in some orange trees.

Trevor told me Arianrhod might stop by.

She narrowed her eyes at the text. Was this really Caitlin’s work? She’d have to compare it to what they called Caitlin’s ideas pages—those pages scattered throughout Trevor’s five decades of collected sketchbooks wherein his wife had jotted down random thoughts and lists. Though the bulk of Caitlin’s work existed in electronic print the notebooks and this shared a similar slant. Although their grandson’s handwriting did seem comparable to this . . .

She set the book on her desk, running her fingers over its soft leather cover again. Caitlin’s book of shadows. She couldn’t wait to read the story therein.

Had Caitlin written it herself? If not, who had?

Some said she entertained the devil. Some said she spoke to the dead and heroes from the distant past. Was it true? No one knew, but perhaps this would solve some of the mystery?


What’s inside Caitlin’s book? Well, you know you have to read to find out! If you’d like to, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows is available at Amazon for $.99.

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