Guest Post: Patty G. Henderson

Today we have a treat for our readers. Supernatural mystery author Patty G. Henderson gave us a little of her time recently, and as a result, we have a Q and A for you, and a giveaway. 🙂 Read below to find out what she said when we asked her to tell us about her Brenda Strange series, and the latest title Ximora.



What was the inspiration for Ximora?


Patty: My Brenda Strange series is a blend of my love for the mystery genre and also for my roots and love of the horror/supernatural genre. I always decide what interesting topic in the supernatural realm that might make a good case for Brenda to get involved in. For XIMORA, I’ve always had a fascination with giant statues or just statues that come to life and threaten the populace in general, so I figured why not combine that with a bit of the Pygmalion and Galatea and ancient Greek and Amazon warrior mythology and have some fun.


What kind of research did you have to do, in order to write the book?


Patty: I spent lots of time online researching Amazon lore and myth as well as making use of some of my books on Amazon names and legends and Greek mythology.


Who’s your favorite character in this particular book?


Patty: Well, Brenda Strange is one of my fave characters of all my creations, but I think in this book, I really enjoyed meeting the Winters side of Brenda’s family and especially the delightfully deceptive and wicked cousin Cecily. And I like getting to know the tender side of Detective Lisa Chambliss. And who can not love Cubbie? LOL. Okay, you see, I love all the characters.


What’s next for you, now that Ximora is out?


Patty: I love this question because I love talking books. I have lots of irons in the fire and I honestly don’t know which one will be the first one to emerge. LOL. I’m getting the most progress with my new Gothic Romantic Suspense, THE SECRET OF LIGHTHOUSE POINTE. This book is a real deviation for me because I’ve been writing supernatural and horror literature since the 1970s and couldn’t stop writing in the genre even if I wanted to….which I don’t. But I wanted to try my hand at something a little bit different. I have always had a love affair with those old paperbacks from the 1960s that were all over bookstores, drugstores and anyplace that sold paperbacks with gloomy, dark castles in the background and a damsel in distress in the forefront, trying desperately to escape. You’d have to read the book to find out what she was running away from, but usually some brooding bad guy. These were short books, slim on characterization and heavy on the plot and suspense, atmosphere and mystery. Most of them didn’t involve the supernatural but some did have ghosts and some were historicals, set in the past. THE SECRET OF LIGHTHOUSE POINTE will be different in that the brooding, good looking guy that eventually comes to the rescue will be a woman. I write fiction for the lesbian reading community and thought this might be a welcome respite from my horror books and offer a different take on the old Gothic Romances.


Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to that. 🙂


Patty: I’m also hoping to keep working on the next Brenda Strange book, THE SHADOWS. I’ll be introducing an interesting group of bizarre women in the story along with the usual cast of characters like the ghosts Angelique and Carlotta, Cubbie, Eddy and the intrepid Detective Lisa Chambliss. And I’m still plugging away, although at a slower pace, on the second Karnov vampire book, THE BLOOD RUNS COLD. So you see, aren’t you sorry you asked the question? LOL.


(blog mistress note: No, I am not, actually. 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to reading them!)


What’s a good writing day like for you?


Patty G. Henderson portait Patty: A good writing day is any day I write. I find that I’m writing less now that I’m out of work than I was writing when I worked a full time job. I think it just boils down to routine and regiment. I’ve taken to heading out to the library in the early part of the day and getting some writing down on paper. I never write a book the same way. Some of my books have been written almost entirely on the computer or keyboard while others, I like to write on a yellow notepad first with a pen or pencil and then transfer over. I’m enjoying scribbling on paper for THE SECRET OF LIGHTHOUSE POINTE. Because I take care of my mom full time, I can only write when I get the chance to find that inner Muse and a peaceful place to write. I have to recipe or advice on writing.


Oh, my! Sounds really interesting! So, what type of books do you like to read, for your own enjoyment?


Patty: I still enjoy a good supernatural thriller but also pick up lots of cozy and historical mystery books. I don’t read romances or much literary stuff. Political books are a real interest for me.


And, if you had to have a particular paranormal power (like Brenda does) what would it be–aside from, you know, saving the world? 😉


Patty: A very interesting question. Since Brenda, with the publication of XIMORA, has now picked up some extraordinary new powers, I think I would like the power to heal like she did in the book. Even though the power has the potential to affect her negatively, who wouldn’t want to save a life?


And, finally, what can your fans expect from you, in the future?


Patty: Exciting things. I’m all over the place. Besides all the books I’m working on, I’ve also jumped into publishing. Check out my Black Car Publishing web site at: for all the information. I also continue to offer my graphic services for custom book cover creations. Please check out my online portfolio at: for a look at some of the covers I’ve done. And I’ve also recently done a movie poster for a local movie maker.


So you’re one busy gal! Cool. 🙂 We’ll be looking forward to all that. Anything else to add, before we go, Patty?


Patty: Don’t forget to check out my author web site: and also my blog, The Henderson Files: Thank you, Juli, for the opportunity to have some fun with the questions.


You’re most welcome. Drop by anytime, Patty. 🙂 And thank you for your time, and the wonderful Brenda Strange series. As ever, we wish you all the best with it!

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  1. There’s nothing quite as interesting as reading a writer talk about writing — except for reading a writer’s work, I suppose. But I really do enjoy reading authors talking shop, and so thanks for this interview. The premises for Ximora looks intriguing; I’m definitely going to have to get acquainted with Brenda Strange (and Patty’s website, too!)

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