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Darn yardwork! #writerslife #bloggersblast #ouch

So this happened yesterday.

What to do when writing is hard…

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. *sigh*Sorry. This went live early…again. Anywho, how are you this Sunday? I picked up some new books to read. It’s been a good week, but albeit, one in which I ended

The robot stepped…. writing prompt steampunk flash fiction

Iauthor posted a writing prompt. So I came up with this bit of steampunk flash fiction. I hope you like it.

Not very active month but an update–#turtlewriters #writerslife #bloggersblast

Depending on your point of view… Anyway, I hope you’ve been having a good month. Things have been settling down here, finally, and I’ve got back to some writing. Whatever plans I had for certain manuscripts, this year, have been

Tax day sale

   I’m participating in a Tax Day Book Fair from April 15th through April 21st, and there are a ton of great authors featured in the sale. You can see them all here. In honor of the book fair,

Inspiration…#amwriting #BloggersBlast

Love this lovely corset (by G. Mak (name??)

Happy 2018 from Juli D. Revezzo’s house!

Did you survive the new year festivities? Ours, as ever, was a quiet one (well, it was until the neighbors started with their battlefield supply of fireworks!) But all in all, it was nice. As you know, I don’t do

A writer’s life….or trying to catch up on blog posts before the year ends. #writerslife #bloggersblast

I thought I’d toss a few of these prompts together as…I’m so behind!! (again,typical, right?) Let’s get started, then. Question #1: If I could eat one last meal:

So…that hurricane

Hiho, everyone! I hope you’re well. I haven’t had a chance to post or do much of anything online since Friday.For those of you wondering, yes, we are alive and well, even though freakin’ Irma decided to go right over

Almost ready….pre-release check #amwriting #amwritingfantasy

Why yes, of course we have a freakin’ natural disaster headed our way. What else would happen when I’m waiting to get a proof copy in the mail? (*Finger hovers over order button* No, I suppose I should wait to