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Rake & Romance • Audiobook — Suzanne G. Rogers, Author

My friend Suzanne G. Rogers has a new audiobook release! Click the link below to check it out. I’m pleased to announce the release of Rake & Romance in audiobook format, narrated by the incomparable Helen Taylor. Have a cocktail

Elizabeth Hoyt, To Desire A Devil, Legend of the Four Soldiers

This is a (wow!) ten year old review of the fourth book in Legend of the Four Soldiers, but somehow, it went live again, this July when moving my blog to its new home. To Desire A Devil by Elizabeth

Cars and Fantasy romance sale

Hi everyone I hope you’re doing well. I am impatiently waiting for the postman to deliver the proof copy of

More Instafreebie giveways #historicalromance #fantasy #freereads

Do you read multiple genres? Boy I do. I’ve had everything from non-fiction, to fantasy to YA, to historical romance and historical fiction on my reading list lately. Is it any wonder I write and involve my stuff, in cross-genre

Stop trying to marry me off! weekend writing warriors

So, I know you’ve seen this earlier. My newest release in steampunk Victorian romance is live. So for weekend writing warriors, I chose…well,  slightly over 8 lines from Vesta’s Clockwork Companions, but, I thought I’d share this short excerpt with

My Ideal Romance Hero

My Ideal Romance Hero The next in the blog prompts was “what’s your ideal romance hero?” Oh boy, this oughta get me in trouble. 🙂 Because, guess what? My idea of a hero doesn’t seem to fit any of the

New covers for the Celtic Stewards Chronicles series!

Because I thought it was time to give it a fresh look. Something a tad big more  “fantasy”and fitting this fantasy/historical fantasy/historical fantasy romance blended series than men with swords–but Suzanne still got the swords in there. 🙂 Druid Warrior’s

Clean Indie Reads Christmas in July eBook Sale

There’s a special sale going on right now via the Clean Indie Reads Christmas in July eBook Sale: To quote their marketing:  “It’s mid-summer and most people are thinking of the beach, baseball, barbecues, and family fun. Christmas, most likely, is not a

New review for House of Dark Envy

Hi everyone. I hope you’re doing well. I am writing my fingers off and will have a new book for you soon! Literally fingers off. I ended up hurting again Friday and Saturday and had to take a few days

Smashwords sale take 2: #ebookweek17 #sale #pnr #BookBoost #BYNR #IARTG #YA #fun

Oops, I should’ve added,  CHANGELING’S CROWN is also in the Smashwords #ebookweek17 sale:  Synopsis: When Ianthe began her career in Everland as a faery godmother, she stumbled so badly that Snow White will probably never speak to her again. After