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Every artist….

Luxury Pen by Khunaspix Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Henry Ward Beecher Yeah, I know, but don’t you just love this quote? I, of course, would change brush

Freaky Friday: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree

For today’s freaky Friday, I found this topic and couldn’t resist. The Green Man’s huge in Celtic Mythology of course. Its fairy-like image is found on churches and buildings throughout England. Related of course to the natural vegetal cycles of

Once Upon a Time

A writer’s take on SOPA

A classic feud

Again, I’m sorry for falling behind. I have had so much on my mind lately, and trying desperately to get anything finished to review, the blogging part’s kinda been lost. But I did find an interesting tidbit to share–well, it’s

Tired return

I had no time to do anything the last few days, but I did get some reading done, at least. You’d not believe how many I’m reading at once. LOL I’ve never been too fast a reader, but I’m speed

deceptive social behavior

Found this neat story about deceptive social behavior. Sort of Pavlov meets Asimov? For Evolving Robots, Deception is in the genes. Cool, huh?