2 days to go until #releaseday #coming soon

That’s right. There are only two more days until Iron Paws and the Tinker’s Forged Marriage releases. This time, I’ve got a little teaser snippet for you. Set up, Vesta is at work on a new automaton and her father is getting ready to leave on a trip so has a little warning for Henry, in case their chaperone falls asleep on the job. 😉

Iron Paws and the Tinker's Forged Marriage quote banner. Two days until Release
Iron Paws and the Tinker's Forged Marriage, Juli D. Revezzo, steampunk, Victorian Romance, Kindle


A year ago, Vesta Bartlett received a rather unusual assignment.

Now, as if perfecting her clockwork puppies for Queen Victoria weren’t enough, a surprise invitation to present them to the Texas Republic president makes Vesta question a number of things, including will the president accept the clockwork from a woman? Unsure, she agrees to allow Henry to go along, as her spokesman and husband, regardless of how her father may feel about a fake marriage.

But they have bigger problems than her father’s anger when an anti-alchemist group takes issue with her clockwork creations and decide they need to stop Vesta’s work. By any means, no matter how violent.

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