Something new and oh, yes, I hate….

THIS IS AN OLD POST (circa 2017).  Somehow, the blog post reposted–sorry about that. The book is still available for free, but it’s not new any longer. 😉

coverideatestblondegirlsnowNO SUCH THING AS DASHER


For Avery, her holiday duties as a forest ranger oftentimes involve tracking revelers who have lost their way in her wilderness domain. After a camper clashes with a reindeer, however, Avery is shocked to discover the creature is defended not by Santa, but by the formidable, yet gentle, shapeshifting Lord of the Forest.

An enchanting fairy tale to celebrate the magic of the season!

Free at Smashwords, Amazon, (US, Canada, Brazil, Australia–not all the venues have changed the price yet , and…. that’s about it. Itunes is dragging, as is Barnes and Noble. (do you get the feeling this aggravates me? Particularly that it’s not gone free in the UK, or even live at Itunes  which have been picking at their noses for nine days with this, now. [Black Friday, my foot!]). They’re trying, I suppose, in this day and age of  one-button, one-click everything? I don’t get it.)

Meanwhile, it’s hit #6 in the romance lists. 🙂

Freebie lists, but still.

Anyway, hopefully, they’ll all come online soon. In the meantime, enjoy, and remember, reviews are welcome!