A busy Friday

primrosecopyGood morning all *sips coffee* . Oh. Excuse me. I’m still a little groggy. I’ve been under the weather this week. I had to bring in Cinderella to do some work…*eyes cobwebs* Looks like she’s slacking, doesn’t it?

Speaking of Cinderella. Did you see Once Upon a Time this week? Oh. My. God! I thought Regina was horrible. How about that mother of hers, huh? Poor, poor Archie!

Oh well. I’m trying to catch up here from that little down time. I have some pretty pictures for you and I have managed to produce a few guest posts around the web. *eyes cobwebs dubiously* If you’d like to take a peek they are:

Authors to Watch: http://www.authorstowatch.triciadrammeh.com/2013/01/interview-with-juli-d-revezzo.html

Also I garnered the Friday Guest Post slot at author Pamela Turner’s:


Of course, she too was my guest this week, I hope you saw.

Also,  I wrote a little about strong heroines at fantasy author Vanna Smythe’s:


and last but not least of course, my interview at Ms. Christine Warner’s:


So…. It’s not like Cinderella didn’t have space to clean around me, right? (*eyes cobwebs* Excuse me. That hacking cough you heard was not the minions; it was me! Meanwhile, let me go get on Cinderella here  to do some clean up.  I hope y’all have a good day!