Sample Sunday–House of Cards

House of Cards cover artAnother Sunday, another Sample. This from my supernatural horror/fantasy story, House of Cards.

The eagle’s call drew his gaze to the tree. That same damned tree stood overlooking
the scene, now glowing a ghastly, deep red, and in its light, he could see her. The strange hag’s body hung upside down from the branch beneath the eagle’s perch; the rope from which she hung seemed like the maker wove it of some thing’s gory entrails. But the hangman had taken care to catch the hag’s skirt beneath his noose, so at least part of her remained demurely covered. The left, exposed side, of her body was nothing but bone and cartilage. The eagle ruffled its feathers; the hag craned her neck to meet Sinjon’s startled eyes. “What do you see, sir? Step forward, if you dare.”
“Dare?” He wondered if he had heard right. He hadn’t dared anything tonight. If he
dared anything, it was to turn, to escape. As he moved, he jerked to an abrupt halt.
Looking over his shoulder for what held him, he still saw nothing. Turning again, he
found himself nose to nose with the hag. “What do you see, Sinjon Maigny? Tell me why
I’d be executed thusly.”
She threw him toward the tree beside her, and the rough bark cut into his hands as
he caught himself. He felt something sprinkle over his head, and peered up through the
branches. What was the eagle doing up there?
Sinjon jumped back when the gooey glop hit the ground at his feet. As he bent to
study it, he realized the droppings were worse than what he had first supposed: a spot of
putrid flesh lay rotting in the dirt and grass, still somewhat jiggling from its fall. Nausea
coursed through him as he jumped away.
“Never mind that.” The hag’s voice drew his gaze. Yes, those things protruding from
her back were stumpy, leathery gray wings. She cleared her throat and Sinjon finally met
her gaze. “What do you see, here?”

What does he see? You’ll have to read to find out! If you’d like to give it a try, House of Cards is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords for $.99. Enjoy!