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31 years after World War III…

Tetsuo is a member of a motorcycle gang in Neo Tokyo. He’s jealous of his gang leader and wants the kid’s bike, and possibly his position in the gang. After a fight with the Clowns, a rival gang,  Tetsuo and his friends witness a riot, become injured in the battle, and  the government swoops in to break up the ruckus. Or so it seems. They’re more interested in  a young child and his protector, yet the protector is killed.The child tries to run but the government men coax him onto their helicopter.

They also take Tetsuo, and this is just the beginning of his troubles.  He’s soon subjected to testing that unleashes some hidden psychic ability and nightmares of an entity known as Akira. What does the government want with Testuo? Why is he having these flashes of Akira? What is Akira, and can Tetsuo’s friends save him before his own monstrous abilities overwhelm him? Before he destroys the world, and himself? You’ll have to see the movie to find out!

Here’s the Trailer:

Akira is a classic of anime and of sf/horror. I saw it years ago at Tampa Theatre as part of an animation festival and have loved it ever since. If you haven’t seen it, and you like dystopian films, I recommend it!

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