Guest posts and Flowers

First off, guest spot. I’m over at *squee* The Speculative Salon today talking about …well, you’ll have to come and see. The post is up here.

Anyway, I got some geranium clippings this weekend. I hope I don’t kill them! We’ll see. If they live, I’ll post a picture (these here are not ours, but just pretty. I hope mine turn out that fruitful. :)) Anyway, guest post. :)Do stop by Speculative Salon and say hi! Oh, also don’t forget…Indie Historical romance author Merry Farmer post on my other blog is still up and includes a giveaway. It rocks that she got so many likes, y’all (*smiles*) but you’ll need to leave her a comment so I can have someone to pick from. Clock runs out this Friday…. Meanwhile, Happy Labor day, everyone–if you have the day off.