Guest Blogger: Susan Kearney

Today we have a special treat for you: Romance author Susan Kearney, author of several titles, including the latest series, the fabulous futuristic SF Romance The Pendragon Legacy, has a little guest post concerning what she loves about both genres, and how she came to write this series. So, grab some coffee, make sure the Tribbles are all locked up, 😉 and enjoy this special presentation. 🙂

Photo by Tara Kearney
Photo by Tara Kearney

I like to write futuristic romance because it combines two of my favorite subjects: Romance and Science Fiction. Obviously lots of folks who enjoyed Avatar, Independence Day and the Star Wars sagas agree. I believe the appeal of this genre is the element of what if? What if we really could go into space? What will we find out there and who will we wish to spend our lives with in this new universe?
To me one of the most exciting times in life is when we find the right person for us. The person. The one we want to share our future with. That person is not always the one we imagined. For example in JORDAN, the title and hero of this story, has already lived for centuries. He doesn’t want to fall in love. He has no intention of falling in love . . . and yet. Falling in love is not always a choice. Sometimes, it just happens. And that’s what is so much fun about writing these kinds of books. We can find love anywhere—even when we aren’t looking.

And sometimes shared danger can up the old human hormones, creating that special chemistry that might not have sparked and ignited under different circumstances. In Jordan, the heroine is a self-made woman who builds spaceships. Under ordinary circumstances she wouldn’t fall for one of her employees, but when the two of them are thrown together under the most dire of circumstances, they must unite to succeed—for the sake of everyone on Earth. Working together, placing their lives in one another’s hands, creates a level of trust . . . a trust that’s oh so necessary for them to succeed.

As for the science fiction elements, as a child I watched Star Trek and read extensively in the genre. So combining the elements of love and space exploration is a natural. Tying those elements together with Arthurian legend was a bonus. Yes, it taxed the imagination. And let’s be real, this isn’t the kind of fiction that’s ever going to happen. But, the Pendragon Legacy series of LUCAN, RION, and JORDAN entertained me for months while I wrote them. And I hope they will entertain you as you read them. For a free excerpt and a few video go to

PS. On my interview page, you can see me in space. 🙂

Thank you, Susan, for sharing with us today! We wish you all the best of luck with JORDAN, and whatever comes your way, in the future! 🙂

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And one for RION, starring Susan Kearney, herself. 🙂

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little special presentation, enjoy the books, have a great day!