Something Shiny Rambling with Vicki and Laurie

Oh, and since it’s getting so few hits, I thought I’d point this out to you, my friend Laurie has got a post about women’s likes and dislikes. And she’s hoping to pick one commenter to whom she’ll gift “something shiny”! You may see it here.


She tells me she’s going to pick a winner tomorrow.


😉 I think my brownie points are safe for the day. I didn’t want to be *evil* and keep this to myself, after all!


Saturday’s speaker

Just wanted to add that the workshops Saturday were great. Particular was impressed by the things author Rachel Hauck talked about setting me thinking from then, even to today. Her My Book Therapy blog has some really good advice too, so I hope she doesn’t mind me linking here. Thanks again, TARA, for bringing her in! 🙂