Excuse me while I happy dance

My new book is live! 🙂 Enjoy

The Artist’s Inheritance

Trouble only a witch can solve…

Settling into a new home, Caitlin notices changes coming over her husband. When nightmares deepen and ghosts begin lurking–Caitlin knows something’s not right, and not just her newfound precognitive abilities. It’s the damned chair her husband’s carving, she’s sure. Could it be just what it seems: a mundane piece of furniture? If so, why is it attracting dark forces–the forces she suspects drove Trevor’s siblings to insanity and suicide?

Armed with a handful of allies–a coven of helpful witches–she must proceed with caution against the hellish forces besieging her family. If she fails, she may lose forever the one thing she cares about most: her beloved Trevor.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Createspace.

I’m officially published! :)

I just wanted to share this, as I’m excited about it:The magazine that my story is in is finally available! 🙂 Woohoo!!!!!


You can get it here, if you like:



I’m officially published–woohoo! If you take a chance and get the magazine, I hope y’all enjoy the story.



What’s your favorite

Vikked From Romance Bandits:

1. Chocolate – white, dark or milk? White


2. Hot dog or burger? both


3. Popcorn – butter, cheese, sweet? Cheese


4. Eggs – best way to have them cooked? Sunny side up


5. Favourite vegetable? Broccoli


6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? Coffee, cream and sugar


7. Strawberries or raspberries? strawberries


8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? Sprite


9. Favourite sandwich filling? Turkey, egg salad, ham and cheese


And, of course …. the best chips or snack to have with beer? No to the beer. Just give me the chips!!! 😉

And as I was going to post….

…thunder hit. Oh, well. Short then, but what’s new?


I decided to go back and rewrite a chapter I’d already finished (grr); so now we are up to god knows what in the word count–if I don’t count the chapter that has to be rewritten. If I *do* then I can fudge and say I know what I’m up to. 🙂 So since higher counts make me happy, let’s do that. Because gods know, I haven’t had much to be happy about this week…Yeah, had some personal stuff to take care of Friday, so I’m not really surprised I haven’t gotten much done writing wise.


And of course, I also had weird dreams last night; got a battle ax to the arm. Have no idea what that’s about….


New article coming up at Examiner tomorrow and hopefully, I can get more work done before the week’s out. Must away…freaking thunder! Hoping my friend Blue hears something good about her friend. *fingers crossed*