Not just the stuff of legend: Famed Viking ‘sunstone’ did exist, believe scientists – Archaeology – Science – The Independent

This seems pretty neat!

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Saturday snapshot

I saw this on Book Journey and well, you know me. I like to take my pictures. 🙂 I didn’t get any good flower shots this week…the garden’s a little confused with the weather, methinks (hot and cold so close together does that). But I visited the Dunedin History Museum last month and found many nifty items that of course will work into Caitlin’s next books (whether Drawing Down the Shades, I don’t know since that one’s already finished and in the hands of my critique partner. :)) But! I found this nifty spinning wheel.


Friends of mine work on spinning their own yarn so I couldn’t help bu snap it for her. No, it’s not the best picture, but …oh well. As you can see, the wheel’s kinda jammed into a small space. I’ve been working one into a new story I’m writing or two (one that I’ve planned to submit to The Wild Rose Press! :)). I’m researching/thinking now to see how I might be able to work something like it into the follow up to House of Cards, (Reign of Tarot #1) I’m working on. What I really want to know, is where’s the spindle Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on? >;) I guess they removed it so princesses couldn’t accidentally get pricked. hehe.

Anyway, the visit to the museum was an off-the-cuff idea a few weeks back but so productive, plot-wise. 🙂 It’s a really neat place too. So…that’s my snapshot.

Witches Have a Fashion Moment –

This may or may not qualify as “Weird” or freaky, depending on your point of view. Personally, I always find it kind of…odd when something I’ve loved…oh, forever hits the mainstream. So…Witches are fashionable now? Wow!

Since I include them in most every story I write, I think it’s a nifty development. What do you think?

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Sunday Sample

Another Sunday sample. Here we go…

From House of Cards

HOCnewcover-700A scream pierced the night. Sinjon turned to spot an eagle as it landed in the dead branches of the nearby tree. Below its perch, the body of a woman hung from a rope around her left ankle, heavy and lifeless, her throat cut, blood dripping down to stain her white hair, the ground beneath her.

Surely, he was seeing things: the poor soul hadn’t been there a moment ago.

Ignoring the driver’s warning, he turned back to demand he lend a hand as Sinjon intended to cut her down. The more he looked, the less he was sure she was human.

There was something odd about her: the nails weren’t right seeming almost like razors, her skin more like wrinkled leather, her throat a little too long. Her eyes were altogether strange, gouged, yet whole; staring and lifeless, yet somehow they seemed to watch him.

What had happened to the right side of her torso, he couldn’t tell, but it was torn to shreds, strips of bloodied flesh hanging, ribs showing through the injury. Yet, when he tilted his head for a different view, the skin and sinew seemed almost woven together.

Something protruded from her back, but whether two humps, knives, or—it couldn’t be—stubby wings, he couldn’t decide. Or didn’t want to know the nature of what he saw.

As he turned back to his driver, a wall of ethereal flame erupted between them.

Sinjon fell back, staring in astonishment. The ice-blue flames crackled and spat, the wind gusting from the blaze was cold as a winter’s breeze. Beyond, noises of battle erupted.

Sinjon reached for his pistol. A screaming woman flew from the conflagration and locked her hands around his throat. Shock paralyzed him as she dragged him to the flames…


If you’d like to see what’s on the other side of those flames,  House of Cards is available for $.99  at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. I ended up liking these characters so much, I couldn’t let them just go with one! *g* I’m working on a follow up to this story, so keep an eye out for more in this series in the near future! 🙂

Freaky Friday: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree

For today’s freaky Friday, I found this topic and couldn’t resist.

Greenman, circa 1543
Greenman, circa 1543

The Green Man’s huge in Celtic Mythology of course. Its fairy-like image is found on churches and buildings throughout England. Related of course to the natural vegetal cycles of the world (Spring is coming after all). Jethro Tull even honored him in their song Jack In the Green. (*pause for moment of fangirl worship*)

So when I found this guy’s article *points to link*, in honor of the *fingers crossed* coming spring (and Imbolc!) I  couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all.

via OCCULT VIEW » » Photos: A Troll, a Green Man and a Ghost Tree.

Can you see anything freaky and fairy-like? Can you see the Green Man in these photos??

writing Wednesday

daily-lifeI am not ignoring this blog. I’m not! I had a movie to review but decided against it, twice. Why? I’ve had some very important research I’m doing for planned book and it’s pulling me away from blogging–and making me a little crazy. LOL The gist of my search has encompassed:

Iron Age instruments.
La Tène culture

The Druids: Druids and Celtic Culture

Clann Chaomhánach: The Origin of the Celts

Celtic Passage Tomb Reconstructed: Celtic Myth Pod Show

Musical Instruments of the Celts by Helen McSkimming: Celtic Myth Pod Show

Music from Antiquity

Ancient Music

I’m also reading “Daily Life in Elizabethan England” by Jeffrey L. Singman.

So, quite a spread there, but it’ll all be worth when the plot bunnies get in line. 😉

**Ella, you were right about this historical thing. I may be able to pull that off after all! 😉 Stay tuned…. meanwhile, I am donning a parka and anti-insanity charms 😉 and diving back in.