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A princess of a guest–paranormal author Clarissa Johal

Snow White and the Werewolf by Clarissa Johal Since it’s close to Halloween, I’ve decided to chat about what scares me. My girls find it frustrating that very little scares me. They are forever trying to jump from darkened corners, hide things in my bed, or dream up other diabolical ways to make mom scream.… Continue reading A princess of a guest–paranormal author Clarissa Johal

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Post Halloween

Thanks everyone, for coming by for our little Halloween shindig. The sugar high isn't exactly gone yet, but  Night Mistress has been dragged kicking and screaming back into her vault for the season. As for the minions, I have them  cleaning up the mess Mistress and Franken-Helsing left behind. Sheesh. Boy, is being a minion… Continue reading Post Halloween

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Witchy eBooks

Witchy eBooks. My novel's featured here, along with some wonderful novels featuring witches. There's also a facebook page for our group. So go peek through at all the fine works. There are some giveaways too. So stop by and enjoy.

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Halloween with paranormal romance author Jean Murray

*Mistress glares at minion* Do you really think that's the best way to deal with the problem? Well? *Minion Juli ducks* We've got to try something. This mob is growing angrier by the minute.  They won't survive. Really? *Juli crosses arms* Look how far they've gotten. If anyone can help, they can. She's on the… Continue reading Halloween with paranormal romance author Jean Murray

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Halloween event–chat with Rosalie Lario

*Mistress helps author Rosalie Lario through underground tunnel* Mistress: I'm sorry to bring you in like this, dear Rosalie. We've had a heck of a night. You have no idea what’s been going on! Come sit by me, here. Don’t mind the dust. We’re cleaning up a little.  Fernando, bring our dear friend here a… Continue reading Halloween event–chat with Rosalie Lario

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Cypher–A Ghost story by author S.G.Rogers

*Night Mistress listens at door* Good it seems like that mob has settled down.Maybe my ghost soldiers helped. Hmm? Oh, yes, around here, we like ghosts. We often wonder what the fuss is about ghosts. *Mistress eyes ceiling* See that shade up there near the rafter? We get them almost every day. Why you humans… Continue reading Cypher–A Ghost story by author S.G.Rogers