Merry Christmas and news #BloggersBlast #newrelease #timetravel

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Hi, everyone. I hope you are all well, and have had (or are looking forward to) a nice holiday. I’ve been down since Thanksgiving with excruciating back pain and so that put a stop to everything for the whole month. I couldn’t sit at the computer for more than a few minutes without ending up in agony. 🙁 It was awful. What did I do to it? Read More »Merry Christmas and news #BloggersBlast #newrelease #timetravel

A quick hello #gc #win

I hope y’all have been doing well. I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted. In case you were wondering, yes, I am finally feeling better (at least the hand is).   I have something almost ready to release. Yea!! I will have details on that for you soon.:) Meanwhile, FRIGGA’S LOST ARMY has been on a $.99 countdown sale (that sale is almost over, however). Otherwise, I’ve just been trying to get that new one out. Until then, yeah, I’m still here, and working away.

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Meditation, plant magic, and more–#30daysmagicalroots days8-10 @plentiful_earth #blogs #BloggersBlast

meditation and more, author Juli D. Revezzo. Pic by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

#30daysmagicalroots fun continues. The prompt for day 8 Meditation.

I try to meditate before ritual, have tried for years. Not very successfully, I must say. I envy those who can just plop down and calm their minds within five seconds. The only time that seems to happen for me is when I am headed off to bed, and then it’s off to dreamland.

My go to had always been the tree meditation…or back in the beginning it was. I had an audiobook (tape) of Starhawk’s Spiral Dance (which, now I can’t put my hands on, but I know it’s here in my collection somewhere! Amazon doesn’t have the audiobook even listed so never mind) Read More »Meditation, plant magic, and more–#30daysmagicalroots days8-10 @plentiful_earth #blogs #BloggersBlast