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Winter-time, business, and new releases

Not saying we have it as bad as those of you getting snowed on but WOW did the temps drop this weekend! (And we're already--slightly--warming back up). And I finally got  Draft2Digital figured out. Their support was wonderful. 🙂 So if you're an indie author and looking for a way to go "wide" I'd say… Continue reading Winter-time, business, and new releases


movie Mondays–Christmas time

Everyone does a list like this every year. The problem with Christmas movies, is… they’re all the same, all so darned sickeningly sweet, aren’t they? You have to have a stomach for those kind of things, and—call me the black sheep—I don’t. Make it a little different, maybe a tad . . . dark and… Continue reading movie Mondays–Christmas time

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Holiday Blog Hop finale

Final day of the Indie Writers Unite Blog hop. I hope you all found some great books, and maybe bought some as Christmas gifts? If you want to see the rules for entering for the grand prize and all the authors and books involved--aside from mine--they're up on the IWU Holiday Hop site here:… Continue reading Holiday Blog Hop finale

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Jean Marie Bauhaus » Blog Archive » Other Writer Wednesday Indie Spotlight: Juli D. Revezzo

Whoops! need more coffee. I put this in the wrong blog. *facepalm* I hope your day's going well. I'm *gulp* doing some Christmas related stuff today. At least getting it started. Also, I just popped in to say *facepalm* I missed a spotlight yesterday. I was featured at Jean Marie Bauhaus' blog. (Don't you just… Continue reading Jean Marie Bauhaus » Blog Archive » Other Writer Wednesday Indie Spotlight: Juli D. Revezzo

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Author Linda McLaughlin guest post

Another one from last December. The giveaway is over.... Our next guest, Linda McLaughlin, is here to tell us a little bit about her Regency romance novel, Lady Elinor’s Escape, and the era and area in which it’s set.  Miss Linda, why don’t you come on over here by the fire and, whenever you’re ready,… Continue reading Author Linda McLaughlin guest post

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Heather Hiestand–The Story behind Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas

Again, another one from last Christmas.   Oh, hi. Back again I see? No, no. Don’t worry about those rope ladders, we’re not being invaded. No, today, we have an interesting guest for you, Miss Heather Hiestand, writer of romance and steampunk stories such as her latest, Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas. No, she’s not one… Continue reading Heather Hiestand–The Story behind Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas