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Free the book!

 CAITLIN'S BOOK OF SHADOWS, is now free on Amazon ! So if you've been waiting to try it out, now's the time to snag your copy! If you got a different kind of ereader from Santa for Christmas, the story is also free at Smashwords: (I expect Barnes and Noble and Amazon UK will… Continue reading Free the book!

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Magick and Mayhem–imps

Welcome to the Magick and Mayhem Fantasy blog hop. So the question was, what's your favorite fantasy creature. Well, you know, I'm torn. I like elves and faeries, but I adore wizards and gods--and imps, and witches of course. So... I guess I have to say all of them! They're running a giveaway involved here… Continue reading Magick and Mayhem–imps

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Sneak Peek Sunday #3

For this week's Sneak Peek Sunday post, here are six paragraphs from my middle story in the Antique Magic series, Caitlin's Book of Shadows. I know it's just a small tidbit, but I hope you enjoy it. Caitlin flipped the phone shut. Where did Trevor keep Arianrhod’s number? She frowned at the empty room and… Continue reading Sneak Peek Sunday #3

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Sneak Peek Sunday/Sweet Saturday#2–#99cent #shortread

For Sneak Peek Sunday/  Sweet Saturday Sample entry, week two, another  snippet from my story Caitlin's Book of Shadows (though not quite supernatural horror in bent, this bit, Caitlin fears it's coming. You'll see... For those of you who have not read the first book in the Antique Magic series, The Artist's Inheritance, Michela is… Continue reading Sneak Peek Sunday/Sweet Saturday#2–#99cent #shortread

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Share an excerpt Saturday

Caitlin frowned at her flowers. Maybe there was something there, a calming feel, a wisp of dust? “What do we need charms for?” Love and happiness were always welcome, sure. But protection? “What do we need protecting from?” Beryl leaned forward and sniffed a rose. “Don’t you know by now? The gods of Annwn want… Continue reading Share an excerpt Saturday


Share an Excerpt Saturday #2

For this week's installment, here's an excerpt from my novel, The Artist's Inheritance. Maybe you've seen this one, maybe you haven't?The novel takes place in Gulf Breeze, Florida just outside Fort Pickens, and involves a wood carver–Trevor–and his wife, Caitlin, who’s worried her hubby is slowly going insane–just like his twin brother did before he… Continue reading Share an Excerpt Saturday #2