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Moon shadows…. #30daysmagicalroots: Day 25: Moon phases @Plentiful_earth #Blogs #BloggersBlast

#30DaysmagicalRoots continues with the subject: Day 25: Esbats Create a ritual to honor the moon every month. Do you only celebrate the full moon? Try honoring the dark moon this month and see how it changes your practice. I have honored

Can I have some aspirin? Or #30DaysmagicalRoots Days 24 Sabbats @Plentiful_earth #BloggersBlast

Sorry this went out early, y’all. I wish blogger would move the buttons so publish and save weren’t right freakin’ next to one another! Ahem… #30days Magical Roots Challenge, Day 24’s prompt was: Special days.

Energy work confession (day 5) #30DaysMagicalRoots #Mondayblogs

 Energy work? What’s that? #30DaysMagicalRoots via @Plentiful_Earth Energy work is the topic of day 5 (I know I’m two days late on this) Okay, so I guess I wanted to talk about this a bit. Energy work…is an odd thing

Day 4–intentions–#30daysmagickal_@plentiful_earth #blogs #BloggersBlast #writerslife

What are your intentions? (That sounds so old fashioned, doesn’t it? “What are your intentions to her, my boy?” “Well, you see, sir, I didn’t mean to lift her skirt…” ;)) Ahem… Day 4: Intentions Set your intention for this

Lady of Drains–#WitchBlogWed

If you’ve been paying attention to my blogs for a while, you know that we’ve been homeowners for quite a few years. Well, this week, we had a little maintenance to do. I’ve had this house for years now, and

Beltane 2017 #MayDay2017 #Beltane #Mondayblogs

Queen Guinevere’s Maying by John Collier, 1900 Blessed Beltane, my friends. May your early summer be merry, productive, and mild. I love this painting.  It reminds me of the “Lusty Month of May” song/scene in the Musical Camelot. For us

Youtube babble and favorite Youtubers #amwriting #blogs #BloggersBlast #pagan #favorites

Speaking of Youtube (which I brought up here this weekend), with the weather getting… (nigh unbearable) warmer again, I might make a few more vlogs this year. That was on my Bloggiesta list, too but I didn’t get a chance

In honor of Brighid… #imbolc

Brighid’s Light by Juli D. Revezzo    See that little swatch of green knitting? I had hoped to knit a Brighid doll by now…ee-yeah. As you can see, it didn’t work out. But My Lady is kind-hearted. She sent me

3 (or so) ways I use and collect crystals. #pagan #mindset #happyvibe

54 days to Halloween? Fantastic! Ahem, so you probably know, I’ve been doing the Pagan Youtube challenge this year and I thought I’d share this topic with y’all. I’m up to week 28. 🙂 I know, I am perpetually behind.

Tarot Perspectives: 8 of Pentacles, August 26

Here we go with the Pentacles again. The 8 of pentacles. Llewellyn Tarot (copyright Llewellyn), Druid Craft Tarot by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Gomm, Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck (copyright US Games)  I see this tarot card  a lot. I realize when