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Books and more books and…Nanowrimo again? #writerslife #amreading #amwriting #Authorblogs

I have not have time to blog. Yes, I’ve been reading…a lot this week. I’ve finished not one, but  three books I had on my TBR list.And… those three? The Tower’s Alchemist by Alesha Escobar, an Ovid (which I’ve had

Post nanwrimo 2016 update

So Nanowrimo, done, over for another year. How’d y’all make out? I myself hit the golden spot several days ago, clocked in at 53,702words by their count.     53,702 / 50000 words. 100+% done (sort of!) So, with the hand

Nanowrimo day 23: Progress Report #amwriting #Nanowrimo2016

 So, how’ve y’all been doing in your word counts, my friends? Mine have been… better than I’d hoped, given hand pain. Some days I’ve not hit the 1667 needed, and but mostly this month I’ve exceeded the count (case in

Nanowrimo update day #19 #amwriting #Nanowrimo2016

Just a quickie for today. How ya’ll doing? I’m …ouchie! And a day…well,I won’t say wasted. Some days I’ve not hit the 1667 needed, and some days I’ve exceeded the count. It just all depends on the day. I did

Addendum to last post about #Nanowrimo2016–or, slowing down when?

And then, Aine Orga reminds me, this being the tail end of the year, just after Samhain, and just before Winter Solstice, it’s more the time to slow down than speed up. Time to give ourselves a break. Which puts

Still not sure about #Nanowrimo2016

Why do I say I’m “not sure”? (No, that’s not a reference to Idiocracy!) Simply, if you’ve followed my blogs for any length of time you know I’ve tried Nanwrimo before. Even “won” one year. I used it in… 2014

Druids speak–Other worlds of Romance #fantasyromance #interview

“Old Vintage Radio” by tungphoto/ Hi folks.Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been neck deep in revising two books at once…. and writing a third. Yes, I have not given up on the book that was my Antique

Nanowrimo progress day 3

  Progress…progress… Well? I did some. But true to form, I’ve been distracted this last day with some work on  a different project that is so close to completion, I can’t help but work on it. If you’re a friend

Friday news and reviews, #Halloween edition

Good morning, everyone. I hope y’all are well. Are ya ready for Halloween? How about Nanowrimo? Are any of you,my readers, participating in the madness, this year? All right. i decided (despite what I said early) that I am throwing