What are your favorite foods?

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This is an old, old post, slightly updated, vikked From Romance Bandits (that site is gone now, sadly. Only their Twitter account remains). The Romance Bandits once questioned visitors about their favorite foods. Not much has changed for me in the intervening years. I’m not really that picky an eater. Although, when I’m trying to decide between the three nearby burger joints I’ve noticed I’ve gotten very bored. Anyway, I thought y’all might enjoy this.

What are your favorite foods?

1. Chocolate – white, dark or milk? White

2. Hot dog or burger? both

3. Popcorn – butter, cheese, sweet? Cheese

4. Eggs – best way to have them cooked? Sunny side up. Although, I do like a good omelette, now and then. Read More »What are your favorite foods?

Not very active month but an update–#turtlewriters #writerslife #bloggersblast

Depending on your point of view…

Anyway, I hope you’ve been having a good month. Things have been settling down here, finally, and I’ve got back to some writing. Whatever plans I had for certain manuscripts, this year, have been shifted. Oh, well. It’s one of those things that always seems to happen to me: make plans, plans go down the drain. *thbbpptt*

The time I’ve taken “off” (yes, in quotes) however, I’ve been reading. So what’s been on my list this month? (Call it the month of April)

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What a few weeks. #amreading

Hi everyone. Sorry I disappeared. Didjya miss me? I had some computer problems last week–and it had to go to the fixit shop. Since it’s not so easy to post here from my phone, (regardless of what the makers want you to believe!) I thought best to just work on my books and read. So that’s what I did.

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So…that hurricane

Hiho, everyone! I hope you’re well.

I haven’t had a chance to post or do much of anything online since Friday.For those of you wondering, yes, we are alive and well, even though freakin’ Irma decided to go right over my house! Yes, we evacuated, yes, we are safe. We went to a family member’s house, and she had power the entire time, until about 1:30 AM Monday night. We had some storm damage that made my hubby nervous so we came home. Since then, we’ve been on cleanup dutyRead More »So…that hurricane