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What to do when writing is hard…

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. *sigh*Sorry. This went live early…again. Anywho, how are you this Sunday? I picked up some new books to read. It’s been a good week, but albeit, one in which I ended

So…that hurricane

Hiho, everyone! I hope you’re well. I haven’t had a chance to post or do much of anything online since Friday.For those of you wondering, yes, we are alive and well, even though freakin’ Irma decided to go right over

Meditation, plant magic, and more–#30daysmagicalroots days8-10 @plentiful_earth #blogs #BloggersBlast

#30daysmagicalroots fun continues. The prompt for day 8 Meditation. I try to meditate before ritual, have tried for years. Not very successfully, I must say. I envy those who can just plop down and calm their minds within five seconds.

Yoga Pose of the graceless yogi–#30DaysMagicalRoots day 7 @Plentiful_Earth #BloggersBlast #selfcare

If you’re following along, I’ve been doing the #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge. Today is day er… prompt 7. And the prompt subject was Yoga. Well, truth to tell, since I also wanted to get off my rear a little more, I also

Sunday–where is my transporter? #authorblogs #SundayBlogShare #BloggersBlast

Sunday Post was conceived by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Here we are, Sunday again, and I do hope y’all are having a good one. Life has been…well, the usual, these days. Mostly staying inside away from the heat. Reading.

My 3 greatest strengths/weaknesses/doubts

 If you’re wondering where these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.   Catching up on several posts.  I’m going to combine a few here, bear with me.    My greatest strength: Tenacity (which some people might see

My less than 7 guilty pleasures. #blogging #blogger #BloggersBlast

If you’re wondering what these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.Seven Guilty Pleasures. Oh, my 7? I don’t know if I really have 7. Ever since I’ve been on my own, (lo from years ago),

Monday Monday

Hiho. I meant to post yesterday but had a day of a massive headache. That a walk cured, but then it came back. Grr…. And? I forgot my camera on said-walk, so no pictures! 🙁 (What,you’re asking, don’t you have

Shows I binge watch.

 Got another one for you. Q prompt: What shows do you like to watch?  Technically, I guess I don’t binge watch much. I do more reading than watching. Yes, believe it or not even when my hubby’s watching something on

Yeesh! How embarrassing–My common writing mistakes #amwriting #blogs #BloggersBlast #WritersLife #HowIWrite

If you’re wondering what these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here. My Common Writing Mistakes.  Common writing mistakes, is it? Who me? *g* Of course we all make mistakes, right? I am no exception, however