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Thank gods for the tech guys. Yes. I accidentally deleted everything, today. But the tech guys at my host got me back online. Now, my heart can go back into my chest where it belongs.

Excuse the dust

If you’ve hit my official website today (or in the next few days) I’m noodling with the look again. Please excuse the dust. Rest assured,

Post Irma Sunday–#Sundayblogs #BloggersBlast

Meme hosted by Kimberley of Caffeinated Book Reviews So, Sunday again. This week has flown by! Why did I not notice? Well, do you recall me mentioning that hurricane we got last week? Yeah, I’ve had tree cutting and outside

A week off–and the giveaway ends #Sundayblogs #BloggersBlast

Meme hosted by Kimberley of Caffeinated Book Reviews Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice week. We did here. What went on? Not much, really. I think my brain still had some recharging to do after releasing my newest

Good morning test post #life #WebsiteTesting

   Testing. Please excuse this test post, folks. I just want to see what this might come across like. Yeah, it’s one of *those* sort of not behind the scenes things again before I welcome my next author guest tomorrow.


 I’m sorry, you guys. These templates are driving me f()(( crazy. I haven’t found one that has exactly every aspect I want without having to recode most of them. It’s driving me insane! I’ve just wasted a month trying to

Never quite satisfied

That’s me! I’m sorta back where I want to be(regarding this blog, anyway) but I still am pretty darned frustrated with some things. Don’t get too close, I might bite you! lol* Kidding, but omg, frustration! What am I grateful

Frustration sets in

So, here I am, again. Things are finally starting to level out, but there are still some things frustrating me. I’m sure I’m not the only blogger out there that has certain visions of the ideal way things are supposed

Just to keep you all abreast of the move…

…Hey y’all, just so you know, I’m importing some old(er) posts from my wordpress site into this here blog. They’ll probably be sent out to your inboxes as I set each live–ugh! Please don’t abandon me for it. I didn’t

Reminder to self

This is a (ahem) perfect sentiment for this week. Why? Because I have been working hard to get my site and new/old blog back up and running and trying to get the subscriptions back. Stressful? You bet! Not only that