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Regency Romance collection by Arietta Richmond, and more

 Sharing a new Regency Romance (limited time) collection from Arietta Richmond. This one is a boxed set of eight full-length historical romance novels called, Love, One Regency Autumn.

New historical romance

Hi, everyone. Well, after some frustrating minor glitches, I'm back and with some news I wanted to share with you. I have a new release (finally!), an historical romance entitled COURTING THE STATIONMASTER'S DAUGHTER:

Pre-order Suzanne G. Rogers’ forthcoming new sweet historical romance My Fair Guardian #historicalromance #preorder @suzannegrogers

Suzanne G. Rogers has a new historical romance forthcoming  Pre-order her new sweet historical romance, My Fair Guardian today.  Here’s the cover: Isn’t it pretty? I think so. Synopsis:

A little sale on steampunk romance

Since we’re just coming off Valentine’s Day (and I can’t do anything on time to save my life!) I’ve put my Victorian steampunk romance novel  WATCHMAKER’S HEART on sale today and tomorrow (Feb. 18 and 19). The Kindle book version,

Victorian dating rituals

As usual, I’m late offering this holiday themed post. I have an excuse. Same as ever, I was researching Victorian dating rituals for a new work-in-progress. 🙂  A romance. (Yes, my historical romance readers, one is coming… slowly.) That counts

Free Victorian Romance novel, today only! #writerslife #bloggersblast #histrom #freebies

Hi, everyone. Happy weekend! (and happy Mother’s Day weekend, to all the moms out there!) I hope you’re doing well. I am busy, busy. (As ever. The weekend rolls around and then, I get pressed for time. We’ve got family

Can you believe? A sale on Lady of the Tarot #kindle #Gothic #Romance #fantasy #discount

LADY OF THE TAROT ebook is now #99cents for a #limitedtime:

What lurks on that horizon?–Druid Warrior Prince snippet #2—Weekend Writing Warriors

  I thought I’d continue on from where the snippet of my new historical fantasy romance, Druid Warrior Prince, left off in the last post left off. This is the next six lines: (Gwenevieve) set her jaw as she studied

New release in Celtic Stewards Chronicles #historicalfantasy #romance

So, as you might’ve noticed from my previous post, I do have a new book available! Yes. It’s true. The next in the Celtic Stewards Chronicles has been unleashed–er, released upon the world! 🙂 What’s this one about? Well, in

Victorian romance novel Watchmaker’s Heart newly released in audiobook–#NewRelease

Newest release: And, well, while I have you, a little bit of news…Yes, we’ve got another new release. Different format, this time…My Victorian steampunk romance Watchmaker’s Heart just hit audiobook. *happy dance* Everything about it is just delightful! I think