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Cimmeran Shade Release Party #authorevent #Pnr #authorrt #IARTG

Good morning, all (yeah, it’s still morning). There’s a little bit more news in the ole tribal grounds today. I am the takeover guest at the Cimmeran Shade Release Party throughout today. You can find the fun and check out

Ready for a little #MagickalSamhain fun! #giveaways #freebies

I hope y’all are having a good day. I’ve been working on a couple new things–aside from promoting Lady of the Tarot, and so running up against several deadlines. (Hehe, dead… is there are a less mundane reason they’re called

Haven of Evil by Melvin Rivers–Bewitching Book Tours–paranormal #horror

It’s my pleasure today to introduce you to horror author, Melvin Rivers. He’s just released his latest book and since we’re getting closer to Halloween (*rubs hands gleefully*)I asked him here to tell y’all a little about his love of

Featuring a new release: The Cowboy and the Vampire: The Last Sunset byClark Hays and Kathleen McFall #giveaway #paranormal #horror #spotlight

It’s my pleasure today to introduce you to two fine authors of Gothic horror. Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall have written “The Cowboy and the Vampire” collection and are back this summer with their latest release in the series. They’ve

Weekend Writing Warriors #1: WATCHMAKER’SHEART #historical #romance #steampunk #8sunday

Entering a new blog hop, this week. The Weekend Writing Warriors.  This week’s excerpt for Weekend Writing Warriors is from my novel Watchmaker’s Heart. A little glimpse at Cora’s first hint of the (possible) new man in our heroine Phoebe’s

Good reads and small update.

And for a little light housekeeping…  Watchmaker’s Heart is up on Good Reads! If you’d like to add it to your TBR lists, go here: London, 1898: For Miss Phoebe Lockswell, fashionable London tea parties and balls aren’t her style.

Fantasy author Christian A. Brown talks about #newrelease Feast ofDreams

Another fine author visits us today. I think his epic fantasy series, Four Feasts Til Darkness, look intriguing so I asked him here to tell us a little about it. I hope you will enjoy it. Please welcome Mr. Christian

Chameleon Soul–Chequered Flag #1 by Mia Hoddell–NEW Release #newadult

Title: Chameleon Soul Series: Chequered Flag #1 Author: Mia Hoddell Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 2, 2016Publisher: Limitless Publishing After one fateful night, Raine Wilkins’ life has never been the same… Two years into a relationship with Formula 1

Author interview on Other Worlds of Romance

“Old Vintage Radio” by tungphoto/ On another note, did you catch my interview with Other Worlds of Romance? If not, you can hear it here. I chat with the host, Linda Mooney, a bit and read a segment from

Druids speak–Other worlds of Romance #fantasyromance #interview

“Old Vintage Radio” by tungphoto/ Hi folks.Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been neck deep in revising two books at once…. and writing a third. Yes, I have not given up on the book that was my Antique